“Jesus Christ Is Now My Boyfriend” with WNBA Hall of Famer and Confidence and Faith Coach Chantelle Anderson

ZACH: Hey Chantelle?

CHANTELLE: Hey Zach, how are you?

ZACH: I’m doing really well, how are you?

CHANTELLE: I am good… I am good. Happy Thursday.

ZACH: Happy Thursday, How’s your day going so far?

CHANTELLE: It is going wonderfully, how about yours?

ZACH: My day is going pretty well. A couple of speed bumps in the road, but it’s a beautiful day and I can’t complain. Just super grateful to be living in South Florida. Where are you located?

CHANTELLE: Oh nice, I love South Florida, I lived in Miami for about 8-9 months, so I love South Florida. I am currently in San Diego. 

ZACH: San Diego, I’ve been there twice. San Diego is beautiful.

CHANTELLE: It is, it reminds me a little of Miami honestly.

ZACH: Yeah, absolutely, although I think the weather in San Diego is a little better.

CHANTELLE: Yeah, much less humidity.

ZACH: Yeah, much less humidity. When I went to San Diego the weather was incredible, it couldn’t have been better. I’m super happy to have you on the Podcast, welcome. 

CHANTELLE: Yeah, thank you, happy to be here.

ZACH: So for all of the audience and the people that are listening, Chantelle Anderson is an Author, Faith and Confidence Coach. So Chantel tell us more about all that.

CHANTELLE:  Yeah, so for the last about three and a half years I have been going to corporations and teaching a Confidence and Leadership Curriculum that I wrote. That has been fun, now covid-19 has changed that a lot but I’m still doing some Executive coaching online. I also oversee the online Ministry for the church that I’m a part of and I do that and then I am an author and a faith coach, so I’m writing my first faith based book, which will be a hundred devotionals to help people through really hard times which, listen, I just wrote the book I needed this year hahaha. In the process of working in the ministry, I help women get closer to God by building their faith and their confidence in their identity.

ZACH: So how can women get closer to God?

CHANTELLE:  Oh man that is a loaded and deep question, but a very simple answer is to date Jesus. I always say people expect to fall in love at first sight with God and that just doesn’t happen. But when we, just like in real life, just like any other relationship, if we spend time with that person we get to know their character and then we will eventually fall in love with them. So how I started on my faith walk and getting to the point eventually where I am today where I help women with theirs is I just started dating Jesus. I started setting aside time to read the Bible even though at that time I didn’t even believe in it to be honest. But I was like okay, maybe god is somewhere in there, so I just started reading it, intentionally, and I eventually fell in love with the author.

ZACH: Wow, so how does one date Jesus?

CHANTELLE:  Just that. Like when you are dating a person right? You schedule it. You set aside time for that person. You do it regularly. You talk to them regularly, you communicate. You listen to them regularly. So it’s just applying those same aspects to your relationship with God you know? I start every morning with what I call a quiet time. I’ll read my Bible and I’ll pray before an hour to two hours depending on what I’m going through and you know it’s just setting aside that time and prioritizing that relationship.

ZACH: Yeah I was going to say just making it a priority, making him a priority in your life. For someone like me I was raised Jewish, my whole family is Jewish, but I’m very open-minded and I actually have been to church multiple different occasions with multiple different people. Whenever someone really shows me their gospel in their faith and how committed they are to Christianity or Catholicism or whatever religion it is. I respected it so much.  There was one guy I met when I was selling Life Insurance, his name was John Maples and he was so passionate about his relationship with God. And that was something I really admired and was kind of jealous of. I was like, how do I get that relationship with God. How do I create that underlying unconditional faith that God has a plan for me. I started going to church with him. Every Sunday for three weeks we went to Church together we got breakfast in the morning and he would kind of just coach me on how I can live my truth, with God and it was really great and I enjoyed it so much. Fast forward to today, I don’t really identify with a religion. I do believe in God. I love God. I see God in myself and in the birds, in trees and in the ocean and I see it in the people fighting for humanity in general. But how does someone like me, and I don’t want to assume anything, but Jesus isn’t someone who doesn’t play a part in my life. I’m just going to be honest and transparent. How do I become more faithful and how do I have a relationship with Jesus if that’s something that I wanted and why is it something that I would want in my life? 

CHANTELLE: Wow! Great question. First of all thank you for your transparency and honesty. I really appreciate it because I think people are hesitant to admit how they really feel because they are afraid they are going to be judged, so I think it’s really brave that you would even say that.

I grew up in church. I looked around me and I saw people who looked like they had these amazing relationships with God, but similar to you, like I just didn’t feel it, you know?  I don’t feel this and I’m not going to be fake. So I left and I went and I did life on my own and you know what I realized in coming back to the faith after years and years (that’s a much longer story for another day), but what I realized was I had been in the church, but I hadn’t been in the Bible. When we look for the church to fulfill a role that God himself can only fulfill, we’re making the church our idol. So sometimes we can go to church and even we can talk to other people about our relationship with God but we haven’t really gotten deep into his word and the Bible, even if you don’t believe it, the Bible isn’t just a normal book. It changes your heart.  I didn’t believe it when I started reading it but it changed the way I looked at things and eventually I fell in love with the author. And so I would say just start reading the Bible. The best place to start is the Gospel of John because John was the closest Apostle to Jesus and when you’re getting to know anyone you want to get to know their heart and John talks a lot about Jesus’s heart. So read the Gospel of John and really get to know who Jesus was. How you would have a relationship with him and why you would want to have a relationship with him is because of who he was. The fact that he loves you unconditionally, he died for you. He wants a relationship with you regardless of anything that you have done or continue to do on a daily basis. So that’s why. You know? Like that’s the best news ever. We search for that approval and that love from so many other places. I know I’ve looked for it in my relationships, in my career, in my self-actualization, in journaling and meditation, all these things and it’s like. I already have that love from Jesus. I just have to choose him back, you know?

ZACH:  Oh my God that was a really good answer and what I learned from that answer is that I won’t know unless I try and in order to try the first step is opening the Bible reading John and learning about John and learning by John’s heart. Even if I don’t go to church every Sunday and even if I don’t raise my children to be Christians or Catholics there’s something to be learned from someone who has a good heart that means well, that loves his neighbor and that cares about people and that is following what God wants him to do. That’s something that I am going to do is I’m going to give it a try cuz I got nothing to lose. 

CHANTELLE: Oh my gosh I’m so I’m so excited I don’t know exactly where you are in South Florida but from being in Miami, I actually have several friends there that do the same thing I do as far as like I Faith Coach with women, so I’ll help them actually build their relationship with God and it’s free just because it’s changed my life so I want to help as many people as possible. Depending on where you are I know people in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, so I can connect you if you’re interested. 

ZACH: I’m definitely interested and that sounds incredible, thank you. It’s ironic you mention it, when I started going to church with John (it’s ironic that his name is John), When I started going to church with John, he inviting me to one of his brotherhood meet ups and we would read a passage or a verse from the Bible and we would all talk about it. And there were a lot of people that were battling and overcame addiction or battling and overcoming a bad divorce with their wives. We all experience these hardships in our lives, whether big or small, but we are all battling our own demons. We all sin, I sin all the time. I have confidence that if I follow God, not necessarily Christianity, but if I follow God and I work on cultivating a better relationship with him and if I’m intentional about trying to get closer to God everyday, then it will be easier to fight these demons.

CHANTELLE: For sure, for sure. I love what you said just there. 2020 has been a hard year for a lot of us and I went through one of the hardest things in my life this year in losing my father.

ZACH: I’m sorry to hear that.

CHANTELLE: Thank you, yeah it’s definitely been a struggle, but the thing that has kept me able to continue to live this life and kept me connected to the earth has been my faith in God.  And you’re right, we all struggle with demons, we all struggle with things we have to fight every single day and the Bible and my relationship with God has become the way that I fight, the way that I do it.  Yeah, one of the things I love is in John, when Jesus calls, there are people following him and he turns around and he’s like “what do you want?” and they are like “yo what’s up? Where are you staying?” They ask him where he’s staying. His response to them is “Come and see”. He could have said obey me, he could have said give up your life, he could have judged them for their sins. He could have said anything. Instead, he said “come and see”. He invited them to come hang out with him. And I think he did that because he knew that when they hung out with him then they would eventually love him. So that’s what we need to remember is that we don’t have to — you don’t need to want to be a Christian, you don’t need to be like Oh I’m so in love with God, or I’m so in love with Jesus, you just have to be willing to come and see.

ZACH: I like that. Yeah I’m willing to come and see. I’m going to open the Bible and I’m going to read John and I’m going to see what he has to say. 

CHANTELLE: Yeah…. I love it!

ZACH: John, what’s up? I’m Zach, Chantelle said you’re a good dude, what’s Poppin?


ZACH: There’s is so much more I want to talk about but I think we should save that for another podcast but I wanted to tell the audience that you provide faith and confidence instruction through your YouTube channel private Facebook group, email list and you also offer courses and events for deeper learning and more intimate community experience. Can you tell the audience where they can find you and all these incredible resources.

CHANTELLE: Absolutely, you can find me on my website confidentlyhis.com. You can find me on Instagram. I’m always on Instagram @MissChantelle. 

I will be giving away. I’m doing a very special give-away next week which I’m excited about. My first book of devotionals will be launching at the end of next month and I’m very very excited about that as well. Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on that. 

ZACH: I’m on your website right now and I’m subscribing so I can start getting not only the emails, but access all the resources and to the devotionals?

CHANTELLE: Yes, I’m writing that now and it comes out at the end of November.

ZACH: I just got the ten scriptures that you sent me and I’m going to read one of them to end this, how does that sound.

CHANTELLE: Yes, for sure.

ZACH: This one says “For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you” Isaiah 41:13.

CHANTELLE: Oh my gosh, I love that scripture because we all need help. If we believe God who he says he is then if he is holding our hand, then we have no reason to fear. 

ZACH: Awe… That’s the epitome of faith right there.

CHANTELLE:  I remember it all the time when I’m going through a hard time. I’m like, okay I’m going through a hard time but God is here he’s holding my hand I don’t have to fear because he promises to help me. 

ZACH: He’s got you, he’s got your back. And you know I think now more than ever we can all benefit from having a little more faith in God cuz there’s a lot going on right now. So let’s all just have our faith in God and just do our best. Just do your best, everything will work out. You got nothing to worry about God’s Got Your Back.

CHANTELLE: For sure, for sure.

ZACH: Chantel it was a pleasure having you this was an incredible conversation I’m sure the audience really enjoyed it as well. Everyone go check her out on her website confidentlyhis.com 

CHANTELLE: Zach, thank you so much, I appreciate you having me. I just wish you the best in everything that you’re doing, you’re an amazing conversationalist.

ZACH: Thank you so much, and you know what I am going to let you know after I read John from the Bible and we’re going to get back on another podcast and we’re going to talk about it.

CHANTELLE: Totally here for it.

ZACH: Sounds good, Chantelle enjoy the rest of your week. I wish you nothing but all the health wealth success and happiness for you and your friends and your family today tomorrow the rest of the year.

CHANTELLE: Awe Zach Thank you same to you… God bless!

ZACH: God bless.

Chantelle can be found at Confidentlyhis.com and on Instagram @MissChantelle

Mastering Your Thoughts and Self Love with Published Author Traci Propst!

October 15, 2020: Topics of discussion: Self Love, Consciousness and Mental Health with Published Author of “Unapologetic, a generation that can’t even” and Certified Life Coach Traci Propst. In this episode we go deep into the relationship that each of us have with our thoughts and how we can be more aware of our emotions, feelings and nourish our self love to step into the best life we could have even imagined. Abundance and infinite possibilities are always right around the corner!!!

ZACH: Hey Tracy, how are you doing?

TRACI: Hey I’m good Zach. How are you? 

ZACH: I’m doing really well thanks for asking and welcome to the podcast. How are you doing today? 

TRACI: Thanks for having me, I appreciate it. 

ZACH: I’m so happy to have you.  For all the audience and people that are listening, Tracy Propst is a Certified Life Coach and published author of the book “Unapologetic” she loves to speak a lot on self-love, finding your beauty inside and out.  So tell us more about yourself and your business.

TRACI: Yes, so I am a Certified Life Coach I’ve been in the business now for about 5 years give or take, I got certified out in San Diego, California but I work with clients from coast to coast all the way from New York to Los Angeles, so it’s been a very rewarding experience so far. 

ZACH: Very cool and I’m a Certified Life Coach as well, I’m not sure if you know that or not. 

TRACI: I did, yes.

ZACH:  So tell me more about your business and what you specialize in and how you can help the audience the most.

TRACI: So my business specifically I love to help my clients that are struggling with self-confidence, self-love and really that means just loving yourself inside and out like I think every single person is so beautiful and is so unique and it’s about really discovering what makes you so unique that helps you on your journey to self love.

ZACH:  That’s so great, how can someone discover what makes them so unique? 

TRACI: That’s a great question Zach. We care so much about what other people have to say about us, you know, I think we’re all guilty of reading into other people’s perceptions. I think when you’re able to kind of step out of what other people are thinking about you and really just sit with yourself, think about things that you’re good, think about things that you enjoy doing and I think by doing that self Journey you find what makes you very unique as a person and then you can come to start loving and nourishing that. 

ZACH: Yeah, that was such a good answer. The first step is really about not caring what other people think and that starts, which is ironic, but you know this starts with yourself, by not caring what other people think. One of the first things that stood out to me when you answered was my experience reading Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”. 

TRACI: Great one, yes!

ZACH: That book was really a pivotal moment in my life that shifted my mind set on how I live and how I interacted with myself. The relationship I have with my thoughts, how my thoughts are just thoughts, Zach is Zach, Zach is not his thoughts and being able to dis-identify from my thoughts allowed me so much… It was like I was liberated from what everyone else thinks. I don’t care what my Mom thinks. I didn’t care what my friends think. I didn’t care what my Mentor thinks or anybody else thinks. And that is the first step in discovering your unique talents and who you are as a person so you can begin to cultivate that self love like you mentioned.

TRACI:  Absolutely Zach, you hit the nail on the head. When people start to realize that they are not their thoughts that their thoughts and their feelings are fleeting and not permanent, they are all temporary, that’s when they can rise to a higher power. And you’re right, you just don’t care what other people think about you cause that’s just not who you are.

ZACH: My gosh, I”m so excited that the conversation went in this direction because consciousness, which I think is the word that describes.. And there’s no word that describes our ideas in our head right now cause they are just letters on a paper and it’s just post signs. But at the end of the day, consciousness is the best word that describes everything that we’re kind of talking about, is that awareness that you’re aware of. We’re not just living, you need to be that awareness that you’re aware of what’s going on. All that comes full circle with mindfulness and meditation. And then you get deeper and it turns into spirituality, and then when you get to that peak of transcending consciousness into full blow spirituality you start to really love yourself. 

TRACI: Yes, absolutely, 100%. I think when you hit your spiritual awareness, it’s so hard to explain it for someone who hasn’t been there, but you are really rising about yourself, and realizing that you are not your shell. So many people live in their shell in their day to day life and I feel like that’s why people find it so hard to love themselves or express themselves, because they are just this shell of a person. That’s when I think, you’re right, when you hit your spiritual peak and awareness is when you really thrive.

ZACH:  Someone like me who’s taken consciousness 101, spirituality 101, self love 101, how do I continue to get deeper into self love and becoming more unapologetic?

TRACI: We are all human right? You are going to have bad days. That’s just innate, It’s just going to happen.  I think it’s a constant work in progress and when you realize that that’s what it is and become okay with that and stop getting down on yourself when you’re having a bad day or a bad mental health day and just not feeling good and separating yourself from those feelings. I think that’s the most important thing is when we can sit there and say I feel like crap today and that’s okay, you know, like it’s just a feeling and I’m allowed to feel that way because I’m human. So I think really just being okay with who we are and how we feel and understanding that that’s kind of what makes us who we are it kind of helps with our journey along the way to being unapologetic. Because it is okay that you feel like crap, you know, it is okay that you’re happy the next day. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

ZACH: Such a good answer again, it’s like there’s so many things that you said in the last 45 seconds that I want to elaborate on from my opinion and the first thing I thought about was our emotions and our feelings and how you mentioned mental health sometimes you can have a bad mental health day and I think the most important piece to continuing to cultivate and nourish your mental health is being aware and watching your feelings and not identifying with your feelings. You’re not sad. You’re not jealous. You’re not angry. You’re Traci Propst.  Your name is not sad and that’s not how you’re going to identify yourself and if you can watch those feelings and if you can watch those emotions and from watching them through your third eye as people call it and being The Watcher you’re able to dis-identify from the those feelings and eventually those feelings just evaporate into thin air, but it’s when we identify, I’m so sad and then because you’re sad like you don’t want to eat or you don’t want to spend time with your family and that really transcendence and comes with you into the next day and then the next day and then it becomes your temperament and then a week and a half goes by and you’re still sad.. No no you forgot that you’re Traci and I don’t mean to use you, but to use you as an example. I’m sure you’re familiar with dr. Joe dispenza, he goes into two-and-a-half 3 weeks go by now it becomes your personality and now you really are sad. You know, so it starts in the beginning when you do have these feelings and you do have these emotions that you watch them and you watch them so you can dis-identify from them and then you mentioned something also about that self-love and talking to yourself as if you’re talking to a friend. Why are you being hard on yourself? No talk to yourself as if you were talking to your little brother, talk to yourself as if you’re talking to your best friend, someone that you care about. Sometimes we get so caught up in our thoughts thinking this is who we are. We’re not able to be like, hey, like that’s how I’m feeling right now. But it’s okay to feel that way is what you would say to your sister or your friend. So I think that’s so great and so important when it comes to continuing to nurture and create more self-love for us is all those things are mentioned. 

TRACI: Right? We are so hard on ourselves aren’t we? The meanest, the things we say to ourselves we would never say to another person. It’s true! It’s about when you’re feeling those emotions or instead of saying I AM sad I AM angry say I FEEL That’s what makes it a feeling and not a part of who you are and that’s how you’re able to keep your identity and separate the two. It’s a lot of work you know? I find myself slipping all the time and being like I’M so pissed off, I’M so you know, I’m not I’m Traci, just like you said, that’s who I am and I feel this way and this feelings going to go away and it might come back in five minutes it might come back in 3 days and that’s fine. But that’s not who I am. So I think you’re right just constantly talking to ourselves like you said, like it’s our little sister, like it’s our little brother, like having that gentle understanding voice for ourselves is what self-love is.

ZACH: Yes, that’s it.  So let me ask you a question. Obviously the book Unapologetic, I have not read it yet, but I’m going to order it and read it. But tell me what was your favorite chapter in the book to write?

TRACI:  Okay, so Unapologetic, you can get it on Amazon, type in my name, Traci Propst and it will pop up. My favorite chapter that I enjoyed writing the most… It’s about the millennial generation so it’s about how we’re handling different situations, so it’s called “Unapologetic, a generation that can’t even”. I love the last part because it just really, that’s us right? You know, we can’t even. We can’t even. The chapter I enjoyed writing the most was about quarter life crisis.

ZACH: I’m going through that right now.

TRACI: Aren’t we all? It’s a term that wasn’t even coined before the millennial generation. It wasn’t a thing, people didn’t talk about it, didn’t know what it was but I like to think of it as being proactive so that we don’t have a midlife crisis. I kind of use those juices in that chapter two kind of talk about how to deal with a quarter life crisis,  what it means but you’ll have to read it to see what I have to say on it.

ZACH: What does “can’t even” mean to you?

TRACI: What it means to me is…. Can’t even fathom, can’t even deal. Like, I just love that it ends with “can’t even”. We’re all about acronyms and abbreviations and little yolo sayings for everything. That’s so millennial of us. But I think it’s how we express ourselves without getting into the nitty gritty. Right? I can’t even… I can’t even!

ZACH: I noticed that you love to travel and you travelled to over 30 countries. For someone like me who hasn’t really travelled a lot. I don’t know about you but I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection. I just turned 30 years old so I’m going through a quarter life crisis. So I’m like, okay you know I’m doing good in this area, I’m doing good in this area, I’m doing great in this area. This is where I’m weak. This is where you know I haven’t been the best and my number one goal and my number one passion now is to travel for the next five years. I need to experience and see places that are going to blow my mind because I know that that is going to get me closer to God. That is going to help me step into the greatest version of myself. I’ve lived in Palm Beach, Florida my whole life. I’m here and this is like a bubble. Everyone has Ferraris and Rolexes and I can’t keep up with that and I don’t want to keep up with that. But one thing I do want to do is I want to be the best person to live my best life and I think travelling is the one thing that I haven’t really explored. I had a great college experience. I built two businesses you know, I have great habits. I’m in a good financial spot, but it’s like what else is there for me to do and it’s travel. So tell me, what is your favorite country and what did you learn?

TRACI: Oh my goodness, that is such a hard question because I’ve loved so many. My favorite one I ever went to was New Zealand and I think it is just so underrated like people talk about going to Australia all the time, but New Zealand, we went to Queenstown and I felt so off the grid there. We were actually where they like film Game of Thrones so just like imagine that scenery and you’re like this is unreal. This is the world I live in and it makes me so upset that people don’t get to experience that. Don’t get to have that life experience with these places that you can become so in tune with yourself and get away from all the technology and just kind of get back to your roots. So Queenstown was my favorite honestly because I felt off the grid and it was completely different than any other city, place, fantastic beach, yacht, whatever I’d ever been to it was the opposite of that and for that reason I loved it. Yeah, you have to go there. 

ZACH: Well yeah I’m definitely going to go. I’m doing an Ironman race. Right now I’m spending a lot of time training for an Ironman so my race is not until May 23rd in Oklahoma. I plan the next day a one-way flight to Hawaii. I’m going to live in Hawaii for a month and I’m going to bring four books and I’m just going to read and surf. Turn off my phone completely disconnect. And then from there I want to continue to go west whether that’s Japan or New Zealand or Thailand and I want to take a bunch of yoga classes in Southeast Asia and then work my way towards Europe and do all those things so if I have any questions about travelling, can I give you a call and ask you?

TRACI:  Absolutely, just to touch on one point you made that I think is important to the audience, you talked about how you feel like every other part of your life feels like accomplished right? You’ve built two businesses, you’ve been very successful and I think that’s so important for people to recognize that whatever part of their life they’re watering that’s the part that’s going to flourish. So I think going forward with you watering this “travelling” and getting closer to God and getting more in tune to yourself you’re going to see that part of your life flourish because without actually doing it it’s hard to have that part of you become new, you know what I mean?

ZACH:  Absolutely, I can only read so many books, it’s about applying wisdom and knowledge to my life. I can know every single personal growth self-development hack in the world but if I don’t apply them to my life every single day it’s just wasted information inside my brain so you’re right I just need a book that flight, get on a plane. Although I do have a little bit of a fear of flying. which is kind, yeah that’s what’s honestly, I don’t want to say the biggest reason, that’s not the biggest reason, I’ve just been spending so much time trying to make money over the past 5 years and just like working hard but that is a little bit of a speed bump that’s in my way. But that’s something that I’m looking forward to overcoming. Like I can’t wait to get on a plane and overcome my fears. I feel it’s going to be so empowering, it’s going to be so liberating. I’m going to feel so free that I overcame that so I’m really looking forward to my journey travelling but I’m definitely going to call you and ask you for any advice on ways I should travel.

TRACI: Please do, I was actually a flight attendant on private jets for 5 years so I travelled for a living, you’ll be fine. Planes are way safe. Way safer than cars at any point. So just keep that in mind. I guarantee you’ll be good, it’ll totally all be worth it.

ZACH: It will be so worth it. On that note, I need to take one minute to allow a word from our sponsor WHOOP. Whoop is your favorite fitness, sleep and activity tracker. Head on over to join.whoop.com/zachrance to get your free WHOOP strap and first month free. Or visit LifeCoachZach.com/Whoop.

ZACH: Traci, it’s been so great having you today. Everyone go to tracipropst.com so you can buy her book, schedule a call. Traci is there anything else you want to add today?

TRACI: No, guys have a great day, make the most of it and Zach thank you so much for having me on your Podcast, I really appreciate it. 

ZACH: Traci it’s been a pleasure honestly this is probably the best episodes I’ve recorded in my short career as a Podcaster. Yeah, I feel like there was so much valuable information that the audience can get from it. It’s inspiring me to continue to do what I’m doing and continue to follow my passion or my soon to be passion for travel. And I’m looking forward to connecting again.

Have a wonderful day, enjoy the rest of your week.

Traci can be found online at:


Instagram: @tracipropst

Yogi Life with Yoga Teacher and Coach Maddy Jones!

October 8, 2020: In this episode Yoga Teacher and Coach Maddy Jones takes us into a deep mindfulness guided meditation, tells us about her journey to becoming a certified Yoga teacher in Thailand and also how we can learn to properly breathe each and every moment!!

ZACH: Hello 


ZACH: Hey Maddy it’s Zach, how are you doing?

MADDY: I’m doing well. How are you?

ZACH: I’m doing well, how’s your day going so far?

MADDY: I’m doing well I just trained some clients, and then myself and now I’m talking to you so it’s a pretty good day 

ZACH: I’m happy to have you on the podcast, thanks so much for stopping by. So just to tell everyone what you do. You’re a Yoga Teacher, Meditation Facilitator and Pranayama Teacher. Tell us a little more about that.

MADDY:  Yeah for Yoga I’m a Vinyasa alignment focussed Yoga Teacher. I did my 200-hour teacher training in Thailand a little over two years ago and so I really loved travelling there being able to learn more Eastern style of Yoga and I also learned Pranayama while there and meditation. So Pranayama for anyone that’s not familiar, it is breathwork. Beathwork is a really great way to bring more vitality and energy into your body. There’s breathwork for literally anything, if you need to relax and calm your insomnia and go to bed at night or if you want to wake yourself up in the morning or if you’re hot and you need to cool your body down, there’s even a Pranayam for that. So it’s a great way to connect with yourself but also to silent the mind chatter which so many of us have, incessant mind chatter. When you’re able to just focus on your breath you’re able to fully still that mind chatter which helps people then go into meditation even deeper cuz you’ve already handled the mind chatter. So I find when you pair Pranayama with meditation it really helps you get into a deep meditative state. 

ZACH: I love that, there’s so many things I want to ask you about everything but my first question is what’s the difference between Eastern Yoga and Western Yoga?

MADDY:  So I feel like Western Yoga has taken out a lot of the Yoga portion of it and it’s become just a work out. A lot of people when they think of Yoga they think of either crazy postures people are holding or just stretching. Whereas Yoga is so much more than that and I think the philosophy behind Yoga is so much more life-changing then just posture will be for someone. A lot of western styles of Yoga have lost the breath, whereas breath is so essential to Yoga and being able to connect with your breath and flow with your breath.  I’ll be in a class sometimes out here and someone will be like ok inhale, exhale!… and I’m like well that wasn’t even enough time to take in a full breath.  Or they don’t even focus on breath when they start the class at all. For everyone that takes my classes they know the first five minutes are dedicated to long slow deep breathing, settling into yourself, into your body, into the space. So a lot of western yoga has lost that.

ZACH:  Yeah, it’s funny, I’ve been doing yoga now for 2 maybe 3 years, really inconsistent though, but more so over the last 2 to 3 months I’ve been going at least twice a week sometimes 3 times a week. And even though I’m there an hour and I’m hitting all the poses and I”m sweating through my t-shirt. I’m not really focusing on my breath and I think that’s something I should be more conscious and aware of. 

MADDY: Yes definitely. Out of all the different Yoga practices the one thing that’s similar in all of them is breath. So it’s sad that we’ve lost that out here and so I try to bring that to all my classes because when you’re able to focus on your breath (and also the style I teach is alignment focus). When you’re focused on what every single muscle is doing whether lengthening it or strengthening it and you’re flowing with your breath. It’s hard to be thinking about anything else, it’s quite impossible actually because you are so connected with what you are doing in the now and that’s what makes the physical practice so much more powerful and that’s why people have that piece. If you don’t have all that, you might be just doing this pose, that pose, this pose and your mind is going all over the place and you’re like WOW this is hard and I’m sweating all over the place and my thoughts are all over the place in my head.

ZACH: Let me ask you a question. What do you think is the biggest benefit of Yoga and how do you think it can help and add to people’s quality of life?

MADDY:  I think that Yoga is most beneficial in helping to calm the chattering monkey mind that we all have and thus being able to find more harmony and peace within yourself and within the world.

ZACH: It’s kind of just like mediation.

MADDY:  Yes, mediation is one of the limbs on the 8 limbs path of Yoga. So it’s all a part of Yoga. 

ZACH:  Tell me more about the 8 limbs of Yoga.

MADDY:  Yes. Have you heard of the Yoga Sutras?

ZACH: I’ve heard of it but I don’t know anything about it.

MADDY:  The Yoga Sutra is a sacred ancient text. It gives us guidelines on how to live our lives. Sutras are threads that are time-tested truths. They are one liners that are without explanation and full of wisdom which is left without explanation so that way the individual can discover this for themself. I do like B.K.S. Iyengar’s translation of the Yoga Sutras. You could dive a little bit deeper into it and understand a little bit better with his thoughts on things. The Yoga Sutras detail out the 8 limb paths of Yoga. The first step is Yama. Which are moral restraints. The second step is Niyama which is natural observances. The third step is Asana. The moment, the postures the physical practice, which most people jump straight to Asana before learning any of the Yama’s or Niyamas. After Asana, you could get into Pranayama which is your breathwork. After Pranayama there is Pratyahara which is the withdrawal of the senses.  Next is Dharana, which is the sixth step in the 8 limbs which is concentration, which then takes you to Dhyana which is meditation. This is why I call myself a mediation facilitator. Because you can’t just teach mediation. It’s a state of being. So I can use my visualization or whatever I’m working with, mantra, to bring them into Dharana or concentration and then hopefully that will facilitate them to get into that state of meditation. And ultimately the final limb on the 8 limbs of Yoga is Samadhi which is union.  

ZACH: Wow, you know a lot about this!  So do you meditate outside of your Yoga practice?

MADDY: Yes. I’m a daily meditator for myself. I like to always start my morning with meditation and end my day with meditation. But different meditations. I like to use Yoga to help me relax and fall asleep at night. And then will often do a silent mediation or a gratitude meditation or a loving kindness meditation in the morning, depending on what I’m needing. Sometimes I’ll vary it but those are my most common ones.

ZACH: Can you walk me through one of those meditations?

MADDY:  Yes. A loving kindness meditation is really helpful for people especially if they are really struggling with a difficult person or a difficult time in their life. And it’s practicing sending loving kindness to first, someone that you love. So you would bring someone into the room, envision them in the room in as much detail as possible.  And you would wish them well. For example:

“May you be happy”

“May you be peaceful”

“May you be safe and protected”

“May you be well in mind and body”

And you’ll continue to repeat these well wishes for this person.

Then you‘ll bring to mind someone of neutral feelings maybe it’s the Barista that you always get your coffee from in the morning or whoever bags your groceries, someone you don’t necessarily have a good relationship with but you don’t have a bad relationship with 

And you also will repeat these loving-kindness wishes.

“May you be happy”

“May you be peaceful” 

“May you be safe and protected”

“May you be well in mind and body”

And then it gets more challenging. You bring someone to mind someone that you have a little bit of hardship with, uncomfortable feelings for and maybe some hatred or resentment. You bring this person into your mind and you also will wish them these well wishings. 

“May you be happy”

“May you be peaceful” 

“May you be safe and protected”

“May you be well in mind and body”

This is always more challenging for people which is why we start with the other ones first. From there you can really get people to release that tension and hatred for that person. And realize that everyone is just trying to do the best that they can and maybe you don’t see eye to eye and we’re not connecting and not flowing, but how can you not wish the best for someone? And it can really help with those negative feelings.  I also always have my students wish themselves these well wishings. We forget to take care of ourselves. We always wish these great things for others but we can be so nasty to ourselves. And finally wish it for all beings so going across everyone.  So that’s a really powerful, beautiful one that I think is really helpful during these times.  

ZACH: Ya, that sounds so great. I’m actually, I feel much more calm just listening to you say that, seriously for real.

MADDY:  I have that written, a little note hanging from my car so I can see it as a daily reminder. 

ZACH: So tell me more about your coaching.

MADDY:  Right now I’m doing one-on-one Life Coaching for people, to sort of put it all under one term.  I’m a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist so I do offer the training aspect of things and General Nutrition guidance. I also provide Yoga and Spirituality Coaching which will include learning about the 8 limb paths. My first couple weeks with my clients they dive deep into the Yamas and the Niyamas and learn how to incorporate these into their lives and this really creates an awesome mindset shift. Most of them are telling me, they are like I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. It feels so good, I’m so connected. It’s from these different mindset shifts.

After we’ve gone through the Yama’s and Niyama’s and they’ve developed an understanding of these, then I’ll begin to get them into the physical or Asana practice of Yoga so whether they’re advanced and they want to deepen their practice or they’re brand new and they just want to learn the basics. I’ll take them to wherever they need. After Asana practice then I will get them into the Pranayama practice or breath work and so I can start giving them the tools that they could use on a separate basis where they can use this breath for this or this breath for that. But then I also provide classes they could take. Anywhere from fifteen, 10 minute short ones to a longer 30 minute, 45 minute, hour-long classes based on what they want. And then lastly also will incorporate meditations, focussing on what they need specifically in meditation and offering services to them facilitating a space for them to find meditation and teaching them the tools. That’s what I think is really important and what I tell my clients all the time. If I’m doing my job right I should coach myself out of a job! So everything I share with them I teach them the why behind it so that way they’re empowered to take this as a life skill forever. And of course so many of my clients stay with me for much longer, they love me and want to keep working with me. But my goal is that they can do it on their own and that they feel like I actually have this lifestyle now.  For myself in my own journey I feel like all of those things are what I needed to get to where I am today. For me growing up I was like I want to just be able to do it all for people. I had some people like my sister, she was like, yeah do it!  But then had other people say just focus on one thing, be really good and one thing. And I’m like, what if I’m good at all the things? So I’m grateful I get to provide it all in one package for people to really transform people’s lives on a really deep multifaceted level.

ZACH: Absolutely.. Wow that’s incredible information, seems like you’re helping a lot of people. So let me ask you this. Someone who is brand new to Yoga, brand new to meditation, where should they start.

MADDY: If you’re brand new to Yoga and to meditation. I recommend you start with just your breath. And it can even just be one deep breath in. And just see if you can just focus on your inhale, feel it in your nose, feel it expand your belly, up into your heart center, all the way up into your collar bone, pause for a moment and allow your body to then gently release the air relax your shoulders, empty your chest, empty your belly….. And that just one breath is meditation.

ZACH: WOW! All of that in one breath?


ZACH: Can we do a short guided meditation right now? Can you guide me through a guided meditation on this podcast?

MADDY: Yes, definitely. Did you want just a breath meditation? Or?

ZACH: Yes, let’s do a breath meditation like you just described. Cause I was doing that as you were saying it and I didn’t realize how much goes into one breath. 

MADDY: Yeah, right? Yes it’s really powerful and I realized a lot of people do not know how to breathe. And a big problem with society today is a lot of people are either chronically hyperventilating so they are taking a million breaths in a minute or they are chronically not breathing so they are constantly holding their breath and not breathing. And both of these things are not good and cause so many health issues.  So if there is one thing that I would teach people it’s breath and how to breath. So how long would you like.

ZACH: Do like a 5 minute meditation.

MADDY: Find a comfortable seat if you’re seated in a chair make sure your feet are on the floor. Lengthen your spine up towards the sky. 

Tuck your chin so your neck could be just as long as the rest of your spine is. 

Relax your shoulders down your back. 

Pull your lowest ribs in. 

Relax your palms face down on your knees or thighs if you would like to keep your energy in for yourself. 

Palms facing up if you’d like to receive some more sun energy. 

Allow your eyes to close or you could just simply soften your gaze down to the floor if that makes you feel more comfortable. 

Without trying to change anything just observe how your natural breath is. Is it short and shallow? Is it long and deep? No need to judge anything just simply observe how your breath is right now. 

Now begin to deepen your breath in through your nose, expand your belly, expand your heart space, get more air into your collarbones, exhale, drop your shoulders and your chest and your low belly. 

Inhale belly, chest, collarbones. 

Exhale shoulders, chest, low tummy. 

Take a full breath in. Feel your rib cage expand from top to bottom, side to side, front to back. 

Exhale, feel your rib cage pull back into your core center. 

Continue to deepen your breath but at the rhythm of your own pace to fill up your own lung capacity. See if you could slow the rhythm of your breath down as if there’s no rush to get to the top of your breath or back down to the bottom. 

Savour your breath as it rises up your spinal column. 

Cherish your breath as it gently falls back down. 

With each exhale allow yourself to find deeper relaxation, observe if you’re holding any tension in your body, allow it to relax, soften your forehead. 

Let your third eye center and temples melt free of tension. 

Relax the muscles that control the actions of your eyes. 

Let your cheeks fall heavy down the sides of your face. Jaw unclenched. Lip’s softly parted. Let your tongue rest in the bottom of your mouth. 

Keep the height of your spine as you allow your shoulders to relax. Your arms feel heavy and soft. Let your sit bones connect you right where you are. Continue to breathe in and breathe out deeply.

And repeat…. 

ZACH: MADDY thank you so much. That was so great I enjoyed that so much.. Wow. That was so great. 

MADDY: As you can see and hopefully those listening that may have followed along just five minutes can create such a shift. So often we think we have to do do do so much. We have to remember that we’re human beings not human doings. So just taking a moment just five minutes even just a minute to just breathe can really make a difference in your day.

ZACH: Absolutely. I feel like every time I drop into a good meditation when it’s over my priorities and like what’s important really comes to the surface like I’m so busy doing all these micro tasks all day and then after I meditated I’m like wait a second what’s really important is calling my Mom right now. What’s really important is like you know feeling good or things like that instead of like all these crazy things on my to do list. 

MADDY: It’s so true…. We can get stuck into the grind in life and forget about the things that really matter. So it’s good to check in and remind ourselves of that, it’s beautiful.

ZACH: Well MADDY you know it’s been great having you on the podcast, do you want to tell everyone where they can find you and if they’re interested in hiring you as their coach.

MADDY: Yeah, they can follow me on Instagram @coachMADDYjones and you could fill out the 15 minute free value call on my Instagram bio or you can just shoot me a DM or an email but preferably at DM and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours 

ZACH: Yes everyone go to MADDY’s Instagram @coachmaddyjones shoot her a DM ask her anything and everything about yoga, meditation and she will definitely help you out.

MADDY:  Thank you awesome 

ZACH: MADDY do you have anything else before we wrap up today?

MADDY: No, not that I can think of. Do you have any other questions? 

ZACH: I mean I have a bunch of other questions but I’m going to give you a call either after this or later this week because I want to see if there’s any other collaborations we can do together.

MADDY: Yes that sounds amazing I would definitely like to collaborate again. Thank you for this. It’s been a pleasure. 

ZACH: Thank you so much I’m glad you had a good time and I’m looking forward to talking to you again. 

MADDY: Awesome ZACH, have a great rest of your day.

Mobility and Wellness with Hayden from Big Brother 16!

October 5, 2020: In this episode my guest is one of my Big Brother brothers, Hayden Voss! Hayden is a personal trainer and mobility coach and focuses on shoulders, knees, and the mind-body connection to help you live your best life physically and mentally!

Hayden: Hello 

Zach: Ayo… 

Hayden: Hey, what’s up man 

Zach: What’s up dude, my bb16 brother 

Hayden: Alright, how are you doing?

Zach: I’m doing well, how are you?

Hayden: Good, can you hear me alright, everything good over there?

Zach: You’re coming in loud and clear man, welcome to the podcast.

Hayden: Thanks for having me, appreciate it.

Zach: So I wanted to get you on here so we can discuss a little bit about the mobility training that you’re doing, some health and wellness guidance for the followers, so tell everyone what you do and we can go from there.

Hayden: I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for the last 6 years now and it has taken me in a few different directions but as of late mobility and just the process of being well and moving well especially in regards to longevity has been one of my main focuses. In the last 6 months the gym I was working out of for the past almost six years shut down and now I started up my own gym with another co-trainer, another trainer so we are co-owners of a private studio and we’re also doing a lot of online stuff as well and stuff in our studio.  But anyhow the training that we do largely focuses on mobility, moving well and then just increasing the overall, I would say, capacity of your body to move well.

Zach: Nice, so mobility, if I got this right is just feeling good in your body? 

Hayden: Yeah, mobility, I would say is really just strength training with the intention of being able to move better and that’s what’s really interesting about it. If you were just to hear it you would think flexibility and it’s not really flexibility, there’s a component of that. It’s being able to feel strong and confident in any way that you move.  So it’s not necessarily about, like okay I want to be able to do the splits it’s more like I want to be able to get my legs to whatever wideness they can go and feel confident and strong in that position.  So being very mobile doesn’t necessarily mean being very flexible, you know.  It’s good to be flexible but more than anything it’s better to be confident in whatever range of motion you put yourself in.

Zach: Got it. Okay so let me ask you a question, does mobility have a lot of things in common with yoga?

Hayden: Yeah there is definitely some carryover between the two and yoga is fantastic and of course it depends on what kind of yoga you’re practicing but I guess the difference is that mobility, you are going to have more focus on one joint at a time, more honed in on a certain area. Say with Yoga flow it’s going to be a lot of integrated dynamic movements where you’re moving a lot of body parts at once where you’re trying to move one thing in conjunction with another. Mobility training is going to have some components of that but it’s more going to be like okay I’m going to get my body into the position or use an object, exterior load whatever it is, and then I’m going to try to very specifically train that area. So I would say mobility training would be a good thing to do to prepare yourself for yoga.  It can go both ways but I’ll just give an example. Okay I want to strengthen my shoulder flexion so you’re just raising your arms over your head, your biceps are by your ears and you get your body in that position and then you add some little weights to your hands and you just decide to go there and hold that position and you’re doing some isometric strength work for your shoulder flexion. That would be mobility training and it’s going to carry over to something like Yoga, cause when you’re in a down dog which is a similar kind of shoulder flexion you’re going to feel really strong and capable.

Zach: Okay absolutely. Awesome. 

Hayden: A big part of it is preparing yourself. Mobility training will often be referred to as pre-hab. Because you are strengthening and preparing so that you don’t hurt yourself or you don’t feel not confident doing something like a fitness routine like yoga or a daily activity like just reaching out for something in your cabinet.

Zach: Right okay so who’s someone that should be doing mobility training? And how can it help them increase their quality of life?

Hayden: You know, everyone. I really think it’s for everyone and it should be for everyone. Even if you’re not doing a fitness regime or not in a hard core yoga practice, you don’t exercise every single day, no matter what, every single person is going to move and do things and you know to practice mobility is to practise for life, really. It’s not just so you don’t get injured of course that’s a nice benefit but it’s also so you feel good because this other aspect of mobility that I haven’t really mentioned yet. When you’re able to move well, your body is going to function better. Your blood flow is going to be better and your overall health of your deep insides at a cellular level is going to be better. The mind and body are connected and so that takes us right up to the mind and your mind is going to function better. It’s just a string of events like a domino effect and everything moves in a circle and if you were to think about if you don’t have mobility you’re just taking out one part of that circle that really wants to be closed and move well together.

Zach:  Absolutely, so someone like me, you and I have discussed this a few weeks ago about my shoulders and my knees, like where should I focus my mobility training more in the places that are weaker? or in the places that are stronger?

Hayden: In the places you are weaker. I would encourage anyone to always think about their total body. You know you want to be as strong as you can in as many places as you can but if you have what you would consider weak areas then definitely spend some more time there, do some extra TLC in those areas because you want to feel strong everywhere. If you have those areas that you don’t feel as strong or you’re not as confident moving in those areas, then definitely you want to up your game in that regard. I mean it just depends on what you’re doing and what you’re training for, like you’re doing some hardcore training right now with your Triathlon training and everything. I would put extra focus on the areas that are really going to be taking a lot of that heat during your training. Spend a little bit of extra time in the areas that are really going to be getting after it with the other training that you’re doing. 

Zach: Like my knees for example 

Hayden: Knees, absolutely, your knees or hips, your shoulders so pretty much across-the-board. Everyone should really take care of those things because they’re going to so easily translate into a healthy long life. If you have your knees functioning properly, your hips moving well and your shoulders feel strong and protected, I mean you’re quite literally going to increase your percentages of living a longer happier healthier life. Also you’re going to perform better in all the things you do.

Zach: Absolutely it really comes down to that for me is just quality of life. Why do I do yoga? Why do I train for this Ironman? Because I want to feel good in my body. And I think it’s really important for us to take care of our shoulders and our knees, so many people have shoulder issues. I feel like everyone in the world has shoulder issues we’re just using them so often. It’s important for us to do that prehab like you mention, you know we don’t have to dive all in on mobility and do it for an hour a day but being conscious and being aware about how we can strengthen our joints and strengthen our muscles and our knees and our shoulders like that is something that we should all be aware of. Whether you do Mobility for 45 minutes a day, or not, just learning about mobility and being educated on the benefits and being aware of how it can help you. I think it’s just super beneficial to everyone and I think that’s something everyone should try.

Hayden: Absolutely it’s just kind of like we briefly touched on. Your mind-body connection and at the very least to be aware of it and to just practice it a little bit and whatever that means for you is quite literally going to make you happier. That’s what’s going to translate into a more well lived life. So my training partner Robbie, the thing that we’ve been talking about amongst ourselves is how do you feel well, you know? You’re only given one body in this life and you want to be as well as you possibly can. This is just one of those things. So why not try to be healthy, be happy and live long.

Zach: Yeah that’s awesome man. I’ve been training for my Ironman Triathlon. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Believe it or not I’ve been practicing my hand stand a lot and I’m so good at handstands, I’m going to send you a video. Actually if you go to my Instagram I posted a video about a week ago just walking on my hands. But I was at the gym and this guy was like “you really got to warm up” and you know, “you’re jumping in your hands and you’re going to f****** your shoulder” and I’m like this guy’s probably one hundred percent right. I’m just kind of going all-in and I need to not only warm up and not only focus on my shoulder strength because I do have bad shoulders. My left shoulder is awful. My right shoulder is not as bad but pretty bad as well. Because I’m doing so much training I think that Mobility Training is something that I need to absolutely incorporate into my daily routine. And like I said about 5 minutes ago, I don’t have to do it for an hour a day, you know, maybe like two exercises in the morning or two exercises in the nighttime.

Hayden: Yeah, just be aware of it and definitely do it. How much time you want to put towards it is going to be totally dependent on your schedule and the other things you’re doing in your day. absolutely spend at least a little bit of time on it and for the handstand that’s awesome. Doing a handstand and handstand walks is such an incredible level of fitness. I would say in regards to mobility and what that guy was telling you in the gym. One of the things with mobility talk, I subscribe to this company FRC functional, range, conditioning and when I went to their very first seminar of theirs that I went to what they told me and this will come back to what this guy told you is like okay you want to warm up and everything.  But really you just want to be comfortable, confident and strong in the ranges of motion you’re about to put yourself in especially with exterior load-bearing. What that’s going to mean is like do handstands and handstand walks provided that if you can just be sitting or standing and put your arms up in that same position you’d be able to handstand walk in and if you can’t put your arms up that high and in that same position you would be handstand holding or walking in, that’s a sign you are probably pushing past your limits of range of motion. Not necessarily dangerous but you’re definitely pushing your bounds a little bit so as long as you are comfortable putting your arms without exterior load where they are going to go, with exterior load you’re good. You still want to spend time working on it but especially if you are not quite there do some extra TLC, work your way up to that point where you can put your body into the position without any assistance because when you put it there with assistance or with extra objects its just going to be harder and put more stress on your body 

Zach: Yeah that’s a really good point I just put my arms up like I was going to go into a handstand and even though I feel pretty strong, there is a point where my left shoulder rotates that I do feel a little weaker.

Hayden:  Yeah, that’s exactly it. Everyone has it, so don’t freak yourself out. But that right there is a basic test that anyone can do. It will be a sign of like, am I ready for this move I’m about to try? To put it in an easier term, if I want to do a squat press, I’m going to put some weight on my shoulders, squat low then I’m going to press over head. If you program that into your workout, the first two things you would want to test, with thrusters is first. Can I squat to the depth that I want to be squatting with my weight, without the weight. Second. Can I get my arms up overhead without anything, without weight, can I hold them there and feel strong in that position. So then you’ve confirmed you can squat that low without weight, I can press that weight over head without weight, I”m good. Okay, then you will feel comfortable adding weight to the move.

Zach: That’s something I need to focus on. Tell all the listeners where they can learn more about mobility and get in contact with you so they could try to focus more on their bodies and feeling good.

Hayden:  I don’t want people to stray away from their training and all that. I do a bunch of other different kinds of training as well, just don’t want to discourage anyone from like stopping whatever training they’re doing right now but more than anything just encourage them to add it to their routine. Where you can find me and the Gym I run with my co-owner, were called vs. It’s just VS. Like say someone vs someone and our Instagram @vs.chicago. A lot of the mobility stuff that we do comes from a couple different sources but the one that I really subscribe to is functional range conditioning but I don’t want to leave them out of this. I like to give them a shout whenever I can they’re just so great. Instagram or email me, wherever you want to get hold of me.

Zach: absolutely. Sounds good man, thanks so much for stopping by and I’m going to give you a shout at some point later this week so we can focus on my mobility on my knees and my shoulders a little stronger. Especially my knees because you know the other day I ran 8 Miles and I’m putting in like 30 miles a day you know three times a week on the bike 

Hayden: That’s really already such an accomplishment that you’re up to that level of training. I just want to say man keep it up. 

Zach: Thank you. I appreciate that. I couldn’t even run 3 miles you know six months ago and now I’m putting in. I mean I ran a half marathon 3 weeks ago at a 9 minute 30 second pace which isn’t really fast but I’m 13 miles without stopping is pretty crazy. I just don’t want to overdo it and my main goal is to not get hurt. 

Hayden:  That is such a good goal to have man always keep in your mind don’t forget it you know.  Congratulations to where you are, it’s incredible and you just want to just keep climbing that mountain.

Zach: slow slow slow process. As long as I can cross the finish line feeling healthy literally like my only goal is to not get hurt.  I just want to feel good you know and like I said in one of the videos I posted this is a very mentally challenging race and training it’s not all physical. It’s what are you telling yourself when you feel like you’re at your peak or when you’re at your wall and you can’t go another foot

Hayden: You have to have that David Goggins mentality. If anyone would have it, it’s you.

Zach: Thank you I appreciate that I appreciate that a lot. Well my man, you got anything else for us before we wrap it up? 

Hayden: I’m good. I appreciate you giving me the time and the opportunity to talk about Wellness.  Mobility is like where my personal training is focussed but if you ever want to jump on and talk about anything else in the wellness world I’d be more than happy to do anything with the mental health stuff you’re doing, anything with meditation, I’d be happy to jump on and join the conversation. We’ve been doing a lot of even with our vs. membership a lot of talk about meditation and breathing especially in conjunction with mobility and eating well. As we’ve talked about before before, like I was saying briefly, being well is a circle and you have to have, you want to seek the full circle because with a missing part, the circle will not be completed. Doing everything in conjunction is just such a beneficial way to live life and you know more than many people and I’m glad you’re pushing that info out. I’m glad you’re giving people like me and a bunch of other people the resources to talk about it.  

Zach: Dude I love you bro. I mean that. Let’s let’s try to jump on another podcast at some point maybe next week

Hayden:  Yeah I’m way down for it. 

Zach: Hayden, well have a great week. I hope you and your family and your friends are all safe and healthy and I really appreciate you coming on.

Hayden:  Thank you man

Affirmations and Self-Love w/Jasmine – Habits of a Goddess

Sept 29, 2020: In this episode I have the lovely Goddess Jasmine Rasco as my guest! Jasmine is someone who helps women discover their inner power and guide them in areas they are wanting to improve their life. She also has her own podcast called Habits of A Goddess. Jasmine shares daily affirmations to help with mental health self-care and self-love, and in this episode we talk about her affirmations and how we can utilize self-love to bring our greatest version of ourselves into every single room we walk into.

Jasmine: Hello 

Zach: Hey Jasmine this is Zach, how are you doing? 

Jasmine: I’m doing great, how are you doing?

Zach: I’m really well, thank you for asking.

Zach: Thank you so much for coming on the podcast, how’s your day going so far?

Jasmine: My day is going amazing, I have been doing a lot of meditating, getting ready. It’s been raining here in Atlanta, Georgia so today is kind of like chores a little.

Zach: So tell me about your mediation practice?

Jasmine: In the morning, it’s like a routine for me now but in the morning I like to listen to my podcast or Abraham Hicks or Bob Baker and I like to just kind of have it playing in the background as I start my day. I start listening while laying down but I eventually get up and start my day, shower, brush my teeth, get dressed and I have it playing throughout the morning. For me it helps me start my day on a good note. 

Zach: Yeah I love that. I’ve actually been meditating for about 4 years now and I’ve experienced different types of meditation but I agree with you it’s so important to start it early it just really sets the tone for the day.

Jasmine: Yes I definitely agree 

Zach: So you say that you help women discover their inner power and guide them on the areas they are wanting to improve in their life. Tell me a little more about that.

Jasmine: Yes, I started my journey about 5 years ago when I started working on myself and I started going to a therapist. I started working and healing my inner child, working on things and I noticed the changes in my personal life and I know it came from tapping into my inner self going back and pulling out that power that we all have within ourselves to become the best version of ourselves. That started attracting women to my page asking me for guidance on how they could become a better version of themselves. They noticed the light, I didn’t need to go around with a sign saying “Hey I made a change in my life”. It was just obvious from women watching me on social media. So I had women dm me and share personal stories with me that they felt could relate based off of my personal growth and my story. I just started helping them and working on things that they wanted to work on in their life, just helping them become a better version, mentally, spiritually and physically as well.

Zach: I love that. I love that. It’s funny, I think we actually have a lot more in common than you think. Because I did the exact same thing. I just started focusing on myself and how I could live my best life. How I could be the greatest version of myself and people started taking note and people started reaching out.  “Zach, how did you make this change?” “Zach, how did you know XYZ” and just like you said, you didn’t have to walk around with a sign or tell people it was just obvious.

Zach: What do you think was the biggest Difference Maker for you that led you to here. 

Jasmine: The biggest difference,  I would say, is when people that met me in the beginning of my journey, they knew about me growing up losing both of my parents at a young age. They knew about me becoming homeless and they new about me, you know, just having kind of a difficult childhood and how growing into a young adult just overcoming challenges. When they saw the things that I accomplished on my own, of course with God’s help, but like things I’ve accomplished, like starting a business and sharing more of who I am on social media. When they saw me going to my therapist and how I would say she was a breath of fresh air in their life. When they saw that? I think that was kind of like what clicked, the shift. It was a 5 year journey for me. I was doing these little small tasks, going to therapy, healing myself, doing things I’m passionate about, meditating, reading books that helped my personal development. Those were like little things that added up to the big change. No one saw those things because it wasn’t behind the scenes, you know? But someone from the outside would be like Oh My God like she was here and now she’s here. For me it was those small habits that I created daily, you know, just really focusing on myself. I’m very ambitious and focused on my job and things that truly make me happy and giving back in any way that I can whether it’s either helping other women online. So that was like the big shift just working on myself. I will say this. 3 years ago I looked up Les Brown, I don’t know if you know who he is, he’s a motivational speaker. I started listening to this man every morning, every night. I was hooked on him. One day he came to our church. I got the opportunity to listen to him live and it just clicked with me. Like I wanted to change. I wanted to change my situation. I believe in affirmations. That was the thing that started the snowball effect with me. 

Zach: Absolutely…. I love that. So many things came together and just opening your eyes to one thing and going down this journey opened you up to something else. And there’s just all these variables that are involved and when you really put them all together they start to click.

Jasmine: Yes, it all comes into alignment. 

Zach: It all comes into alignment. You just have to tap into the right thing and whether that’s mediation or finding passion from Les Brown or through the struggles. I want to commend you and acknowledge you for all the struggles that you’ve been through and you know just putting one foot in front of the other and getting to where you are today is already a huge success but no, you’re taking it 10 steps further to make a profound impact on this Earth and help women and help people online to live their best life and step into the greatest version of themselves so whether it’s this that X Y or Z doesn’t matter what your motivation is as long as you’re being a better version of yourself in and your making a lasting positive impact on the world, that’s all that really matters. So I’m really so so happy for you that you stepped into this new version of yourself and this is just the beginning for you 

Jasmine: Thank you, thank you 

Zach: You also told me how you share daily affirmations to help women with mental health, self care, and self-love and I was going to ask you what’s your favorite affirmation but I know you probably have so many, but tell me a little bit more about your affirmations and what are some of your favorite affirmations and how do they help other people.

Jasmine: Yes, so I started a podcast called Habits of a Goddess and I noticed for me, that was like part of my transformation, like affirmations, finding something I can consume that’s healthy that’s going to improve my life. I started that during quarantine. I noticed a lot of people, not just women, a lot of people were dealing with mental health. They were so used to like a routine or so used to going into work, they were so used to you know doing stuff and now you’re kind of like stuck at home and I know for me like if whenever I got on social media I didn’t have to look for it but like so much trauma was just going on online like you couldn’t escape it. You know killings, shooting, bystanders you know filming that. So I was feeling taxed heavily on my soul just on social media with that so I felt like I needed to create something. I do this on my own but like I felt like I needed to create something that I do but put a twist on it and share it with my audience and share it with the women that follow me. So I created Habits of a Goddess. I want to show you can create healthy habits daily, make it a lifestyle. Implement in your life like don’t just, you know, do it one time and put it back on the Shelf, like make this a daily thing this is a lifestyle this is not something that you can just do for 90 days and that’s it.  So I started with self-love affirmations cuz the majority of the women that would reach out to me it all was kind of like around the same rooted topic self-love. One of my favorite affirmations I would have to say is “Everything is working out for me. I am loved. I am a Divine Goddess.  I know from me that for me is like affirmation of letting me know that I am worthy. I’m a Divine Goddess and despite what’s going on in the world you have to pour into yourself. You have to find that balance in your life because so much is moving fast paced.  We don’t have time to process things and you know my affirmations, the feedback I’ve been getting back from the women, they’ve been telling me, it’s very calming, it’s very soothing and that was my goal. Despite what’s going on in the world today that you have something that you can listen to, that I calm you, that can soothe you, that can nurture your soul, your mind and help you conquer your day you know?

Zach: Absolutely I loved all those affirmations that you mention and I’m someone who uses affirmations religiously and I am someone who….  I want to first mention everything you discuss regarding habits and how habits, it’s a lifestyle change like you’re not just trying to do this for the next 90 days like you said. This is something that you’re going to do for the rest of your life until the day you die. I’m someone who wakes up religiously at 5am and I go to the gym and meditate and read 20 pages of a non-fictional personal growth self-development book every day and I have my night routine. All these habits are helping me get to where I need to be, but I’m not doing it to get to somewhere else I’m doing this because I’m trying to make a lifestyle change so I love how you mention habits and then about the affirmations, like it doesn’t matter how you get that feeling as long as you get that feeling that you are loved and you do matter and you are making a difference. Whether you have to tell it to yourself to make you believe it or you have to watch a movie or listen to someone else to make you believe it. As long as you believe it that’s all that matters because that true belief that underlying faith and hope that you can do this or things are going to get better and that you have people around you that support you is what’s going to help you act and choose and decide and lead powerfully and bring your best self into the next room you walk into and help someone else that needs a helping hand. You know some people think affirmations don’t work or it’s voodoo type stuff but look, if you look yourself in the mirror and you tell yourself something and you actually believe it? You are going to change your life immediately.

Jasmine: Yes. You have to reprogram your mind like it has to be a shift,  like it’s a mental thing. It has to be a shift. I like to fall asleep sometimes listening to something geared towards whatever I want to work on. I was my first project I guess. I know if it changed me it can change anyone! 

Zach: Absolutely wow that was great. That’s such powerful stuff right there. Is there anything you want to leave with the audience for them to either connect with you or maybe some last words to inspire

Jasmine: Yes I definitely want to say this. I know that sometimes you know when you’re starting a journey like this on improving your life, personal development. It can be overwhelming, listening or hearing people say I do this everyday or I read this… I read that.  I will say start simple.  Don’t try to consume everything at once. Don’t overwhelm yourself whether it’s you know five minutes in the morning meditating,  like start with that. Whether it’s reading a chapter a day or page a day like whatever you can do to start just do that. Don’t try to become this guru overnight like for meditating and you know just start simple and then build up on it. Don’t let it intimidate you.  I see a lot of times, I get a lot of questions asking “what did you do?” “What was a big thing that you did that changed” There was no big thing. I did not hit this Lottery like there was no big thing. It was small habits and they all collectively came together and helped transform my mindset and I view life so differently.  I just have more understanding and I’m able to help women now because it’s like I know exactly where you’re coming from because I used to think that way too as well. You know.

Zach: Absolutely you’re so right it’s all about starting off small, staying consistent and building from there.

Jasmine: Yes 

Zach: Don’t overwhelm yourself people. Don’t overwhelm yourself, if you’re trying to build a new habit of reading, just read one page today, two pages tomorrow three pages the next day. If you’re trying to create a habit of meditation? Meditate for 1 minute today, two minutes tomorrow, three minutes the next day and that consistency is what’s going to build that foundation for you to vertically scale not only your life but your business but most importantly your happiness.

Jasmine: Yes, your happiness is so important that inner peace is so important and if anything costs you your peace it costs too much.

Zach: Wise words right there… Yes if it costs you your peace, it costs too much! Wow I like that… Awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming on the podcast

Jasmine: Thank you 

Zach: It was a pleasure having you Jasmine, we will connect after this call. If you want to tell everyone your Instagram handle so they can follow you, I’ll put it in the description, but if you have anything else that you want them to check out let them know.

Jasmine: Yes for sure, you can follow me on instagram @habitsofagoddess My podcast is Habits of Goddess and Instagram handle is @habitofagoddess as well. If you like to work with me on coaching you can contact me through my website Habitsofagoddess I work with all women from all different paths in life.

Zach: Jasmine thank you so much for coming. I hope that you have an incredible day and I look forward to talking to you again soon. 

Jasmine: Thank you Zach…