(Brands I work with and use)

The research is conclusive. Cold therapy does wonders for the body. I make sure to get my cold plunge done as soon as I finish my long runs and rides on the weekend. It’s cold, but it’s worth it. I feel incredible after.

The WHOOP fitness tracker I love to track the quality of my sleep, duration of sleep cycles, recovery and heart rate during my workouts. Whoop is an essential part of not only my Ironman training but my work, productivity, focus, and energy.

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BPN supplements, especially the protein and greens powder are 2 products I use on a regular basis. The reason I chose BPN is because they use the cleanest ingredients and use 3rd party testers to guarantee the purity of what they provide. I have the most trust in their supplements and am confident I’m getting the cleanest supplements and

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BODYARMOR is dedicated to providing today’s athletes the best in sports nutrition & hydration.

Literally the only bathing suits I wear!

During my long training sessions and especially during my Ironman races I trust Gu gels to keep me fueled up and energized so I can max out my endurance and continue to perform at my highest level.


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