April 26, 2021: Imagine if we all had unwavering self discipline and none of us succumbed to our vices and weakness’s. We would all be super successful, rich and happy, but that’s not the truth and if we all had perfect willpower and self discipline well, then the act of willpower and discipline wouldn’t beContinue reading “DISCIPLINES”


Straight celery juice is considered a superfood, packed with all kinds of micronutrients like vitamin K, C, potassium, folate, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin B6 all of which are essential for a balanced diet. Celery juice is good for brain health, it’s high in antioxidants that can prevent cancer and it’s also really good for yourContinue reading “ORGANIC CELERY JUICE”


It’s important to take inventory of what’s on your plate. The goal is to have a healthy mix of proteins, fats and carbs. This is a simple and easy combination that can either serve as breakfast or lunch. Eggs, cooked with spinach and chia seeds. Chickpea salad with carrots and lettuce topped with Ginger Dressing.Continue reading “CHICKPEA SALAD / EGGS”


Here are the ingredients for one of the protein shakes I like to make This protein shake is heavy in fats, has some carbs, but the most important part is the protein. Right after my work out it’s very vital for me to load up on protein at least 25 – 30g of protein. IContinue reading “PROTEIN SHAKE”

Psychedelics & Personal Growth with Transformation Coach Albert Monachese!

OCTOBER 30, 2020. How a psychedelic journey ended a heroin addiction and created a different path with a new addiction to personal growth! We discuss how psychedelics play a critical role in the new awakening of human consciousness. I also get introduced to ceremonial guided journeys with a shaman and how a psychedelic experience paved the way for Alberts transformational shift into his new purpose of changing the world! Featured in this episode: Magic mushrooms, Iowaska, DMT, and Ibogaine! This is not for the weak minded. Enjoy!

Shadow Work with Emma Huang!

October 20, 2020: In this episode, Emma, Transformational Life Coach shows me how I can practice shadow work and be more intentional about not giving my power away to other people and the things around me.

“Jesus Christ Is Now My Boyfriend” with WNBA Hall of Famer and Confidence and Faith Coach Chantelle Anderson

October 18, 2020: In this episode I open up about my relationship with God, my experience attending church, and my future relationship w Jesus Christ. My guest, Chantelle Anderson, Confidence and Faith Coach teaches me how to cultivate a stronger faith and gospel through one of the most famous books ever written, The Bible. You can find her at

Mastering Your Thoughts and Self Love with Published Author Traci Propst!

October 15, 2020: Topics of discussion: Self Love, Consciousness and Mental Health with Published Author of Unapologetic and Certified Life Coach Traci Propst. In this episode we go deep into the relationship that each of us have with our thoughts and how we can be more aware of our emotions, feelings and nourish our self love to step into the best life we could have even imagined. Abundance and infinite possibilities are always right around the corner!!!

Yogi Life with Yoga Teacher and Coach Maddy Jones!

October 8, 2020: In this episode Yoga Teacher and Coach Maddy Jones takes us into a deep mindfulness guided meditation, tells us about her journey to becoming a certified Yoga teacher in Thailand and also how we can learn to properly breathe each and every moment!!

Affirmations and Self-Love w/Jasmine – Habits of a Goddess

Sept 29, 2020: In this episode I have the lovely Goddess Jasmine Rasco as my guest! Jasmine is someone who helps women discover their inner power and guide them in areas they are wanting to improve their life. She also has her own podcast called Habits of A Goddess. Jasmine shares daily affirmations to help with mental health self-care and self-love, and in this episode we talk about her affirmations and how we can utilize self-love to bring our greatest version of ourselves into every single room we walk into.

Zach and Amber Coaching Call

In this episode with my incredible guest, Best Selling Author and Business Coach Amber Farooqui we go deep into emotional wellness , and mental health. We discuss some of our biggest challenges and our strongest strengths! You can buy Ambers book “Finding your Fit: A Guide to Living Your Best Life” on


So yesterday I was having a session with a life coaching client and one of the things we are working on is having him accomplish one of his goals of running an 8 minute mile. I thought it would be a great idea to do a run together so I can push him to hisContinue reading “HALF IRONMAN!”

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