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A guaranteed way for Millenials and Gen Z to live a healthier and happier life

about the book

I wrote this book from the perspective of a millennial Life Coach that has coached over a thousand people. I’ve had thousands of coaching conversations in the last few years and have recognized a pattern with many people. I want to help. I felt the need to write this book after I realized making such a big change to one’s life could be so simple. It typically starts by waking up early, going to the gym daily, and writing down your goals – which will always shift the direction of your life in monumental ways. Such a small pivot like this could save you thousands of hours, millions of dollars, or even the worst, heartbreaking living regret. It’s part of my purpose to wake you up; therefore, this is a harsh book. I do not sugarcoat anything.

It should be noted that the principles and writings in this book are timeless and have been practiced forever. I want you to take the lessons you’ve learned from reading this book and actually apply them to your life because if you do, you will see massive results with time. Whatever you mentally decide to put into action, you must actually execute. Ideas not acted upon are useless, words are cheap, and action is everything.

As a THANK YOU for purchasing my book, I would like to show my appreciation and commitment to your success by offering you a FREE 15-minute life coaching conversation.

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