In this episode, I sit down with Zach Rance, personal growth coach, two time ironman, author of Live Better Now – which is also a podcast! After being on season 16 of Big Brother, fame and everything that came with it took a toll on his life. He was engaging in self-sabotaging behavior, sleeping in, and thinking the money would stop coming from his appearances and paid posts. Until it did. And he woke up one morning and knew something had to change. See how he went from fame, to living at home with his parents, to now coaching high income earners to start with their habits to ultimately change their health – physically and mentally.
Today’s guest is Zach Rance, he is a certified lifecoach who helps high income earners reduce stress levels, create better work life balance, get in better shape, and build better habits that lead to a lifetime of positive change.
Having been a reality TV star on Big Brother 16, Zach also knows what it is like to go through the ups and downs of stardom, and the mental health struggles that it can lead to. Because of this, Zach spends time befriending and coaching other people who may be struggling with some of the similar problems he has conquered in the past.
This conversation was full of a ton of great energy from Zach, he will have you wanting to run through all the obstacles that you are facing in your life.
Doug is joined by professional life coach, Zach Rance. They talk about breaking through mental barriers and finding ways to succeed no matter what is placed in front of you. Zach dives into a handful of amazing stories that exemplify this courageous practice. He also talks about his up and coming IronMan race that he is currently training for in Mexico.
If you’re a fan of CBS reality TV show Big Brother, chances are you remember Zach Rance who is known for his passionate speeches and for coining the phrase “Fruit Loop Dingus”. In this interview Zach talks about suffering from depression and substance abuse after the show and how he completely turned his life around. Now he inspires others as a successful health and life coach and preaches the power of getting 1% better each day. He shares his marathon and ironman journey and gives solid advice for first timers.
This week we spoke with Zach Rance, certified life coach and Ironman competitor. After bouts of anxiety and depression Zach was able to combat the feelings he was having and create a lifestyle that allows him to be successful personally and professionally. We discuss the impact of creating a routine in life that can lead to more successful and mindful behaviours. Tune in to find out how Zach Rance has become a difference maker as a life coach.
JULY 2021
Zach Rance is a Certified Life coach, Purpose Coach & Nutritionist. He originally rose to notoriety as a house guest on the hit show, Big Brother. On this episode we discuss: 1. How to start over in both your life and career 2. The process of becoming a life coach 3. Real estate tips and advice 4. And why now more than ever is the best time to build your personal brand .
Zach Rance is a super high-energy athlete, certified life coach, and nutritionist. He is also a former houseguest on the hit show Big Brother. In his podcast, Life Coach Zach The Podcast, Zach discusses the importance of self-care, mindfulness, meditation, and mental health.
APRIL 2021
In this episode I chat with the beautiful @Zach Rance about his journey from experiencing deep depression after Big Brother 16 to becoming the Life Coach he is today!
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FEBRUARY 2017: Tonight Drew talks to his guest Zach about football, what it’s like being a recent grad thrust into the limelight, and his wild fans. Also hear our Superbowl picks as Drew and his guests attempt to go 2-0
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