What Two Days Watching Seinfeld Taught Me

This was a very interesting week for me. Around Monday afternoon I started feeling a soreness in my throat. As time progressed into Tuesday I realized I was getting sick. Now I don’t get sick often but when I do it’s hard for me to just relax. As someone who is constantly exercising and trying to do, do, do it’s tough mentally when your body physically doesn’t want to cooperate. 

I had massive goals for the month of April. One of them was to wake up at 4:00 AM every weekday – something I’ve done in the past and ultimately will burn me out, I was ready for this. For the last three weeks since I have gotten back from my weeklong meditation retreat I have been doubling down on waking up early and working as much as possible. For the last three weeks, I’ve made a ton of progress in multiple different projects and created a specific plan and vision for myself personally and for my business. It’s always great to re-clarify the focus and ultimate goal. These last three weeks have been nothing short of efficient, productive, and meaningful and I’m proud of my valiant efforts.

This ended up being two of the most productive days I’ve had all month!

But on Tuesday I just didn’t feel it. My body was saying no, and my mind was starting to listen. I decided to cancel phone calls and just sit on my couch and watch Seinfeld for two days straight. This ended up being two of the most productive days I’ve had all month, why is that? Well, every once in a while it’s important to put our car in park. We can’t constantly be driving or we are going to run out of gas. Now, just to be clear I already knew this. This is not something that I just figured out and I knew going into the month of April of waking up at 4:00 AM and working as hard as possible that I was going to burn out and that was the plan. I wanted to burn out. However, I thought the burnout was going to be mentally not physically. So here I am on the couch watching Seinfeld not looking at my phone taking multiple midday naps laughing my *** off, enjoying life, and recentering my emotions towards appreciation and gratitude.

It’s now Saturday morning and I’m feeling a lot better, I have a busy weekend ahead of me and an even busier week starting on Monday. Feeling very hopeful, excited, and anxious to watch all my projects come to fruition

Find your balance in work and find your balance in life

I think it’s clear what the lesson is here. The lesson is, to find your balance. Find your balance in work and find your balance in life. Always consume things in moderation and this includes food, exercise, mind-altering substances, and social media. Believe it or not, social media is a mind-altering substance. Being able to keep our vices in check and staying true to what we know is best for us is so crucial. Getting ultra-clear on your weaknesses and where you can be better is a huge step in personal growth and self-development. I want to encourage every person reading this to do a vice check and create more balance within their life.

So where do I go from here?

What’s my perspective on work? Great question, I think from here it’s important that I slow down, a lot of the things I’ve been working on take time and one thing I don’t want to speed up is time. I truly wish it would slow down it seems like life is going by in a blink of an eye. That’s my advice, slow down. Life is too short to worry about things that are out of your control or try to control anything at all. Do your best each and every day, live in the present moment, and everything you want in life you will achieve. Believe.


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