It’s important to take inventory of what’s on your plate. The goal is to have a healthy mix of proteins, fats and carbs. This is a simple and easy combination that can either serve as breakfast or lunch. Eggs, cooked with spinach and chia seeds. Chickpea salad with carrots and lettuce topped with Ginger Dressing.Continue reading “CHICKPEA SALAD / EGGS”

Psychedelics & Personal Growth with Transformation Coach Albert Monachese!

OCTOBER 30, 2020. How a psychedelic journey ended a heroin addiction and created a different path with a new addiction to personal growth! We discuss how psychedelics play a critical role in the new awakening of human consciousness. I also get introduced to ceremonial guided journeys with a shaman and how a psychedelic experience paved the way for Alberts transformational shift into his new purpose of changing the world! Featured in this episode: Magic mushrooms, Iowaska, DMT, and Ibogaine! This is not for the weak minded. Enjoy!