I am really grateful and impressed by the support Zach has given me.

I contacted him in a really bad moment and with his guidance, encouragement and sessions he was able to help me get out of the fog I was in and not just see the light but also reflect on myself and focus on the positive, the things I need to work on and face, and work through my insecurities. His kindness touched my heart which gives me the strength to deal with things in the best possible way that I am capable of.

I will forever be grateful to Zach for his help and I am so glad that I am making this investment in myself.



I was stuck in a stereotypical routine until the day I met Zach. He changed the game for me, he opened me up and made me go deeper into myself and my mind to find the true me.

4 months ago I had a really tough time with my life. Because I’ve experienced excruciating pain mentally and physically it almost felt impossible for me to live or even breathe. I wasn’t happy or satisfied with myself and stressed out all the time and exhausted. I didn’t have any energy or motivation to do anything. I was stuck in a stereotypical routine until the day I met Zach. He changed the game for me, he opened me up and made me go deeper into myself and my mind to find the true me. He was a friend, mentor, brother and a beacon. He is thoughtful, genuine and extraordinary person and the connection between us is like a tight knot without a beginning or an end, a special bond that I will cherish forever.

He shared with me his knowledge and experiences and I could never forget what he said to me during our sessions together “It’s never to late change and to be a better version of yourself if you believe that you can. And you’re not your past or thoughts you’re in control of your mind not the other way around” Once I understood that my life changed. Now I’m more successful academically, I have more control over my life, I have more love and reconciliation with myself and I believe that I’m capable to do pretty much anything. That’s all because of Zach, he supported me every step of the way.

I’m grateful that I’m healthy. I’m grateful that I’m alive. So thank you Zach for giving me the best 4 months of my life and being a part of my life and this amazing journey.

Love, Khaled


There’s a select number of people out there that will redefine what’s possible for us as humans. Zach is one of those people.

I just accomplished my first Ironman thanks to Zach and his coaching. The mind is so powerful and believing you’re capable of something is the first step.

Thank you Zach!



Zach’s main focus is to help people achieve their goals and be the driving force behind them

“It’s hard to even put into words what having Zach as a mentor and life coach has meant to me and done for me thus far. He is always energized and excited to talk during our sessions; always attentive to everything that’s going on and by far the best hype man to exist.

Coming into this, I didn’t have many expectations other than wanting to have Zach as an accountability coach to help motivate me to reach my goals. He beyond exceeded any expectations I could’ve imagined having. The most important thing is that he would always check in and dig deeper into what can I do differently and what can I do more of to achieve my goals more efficiently. I think one of the best parts is that we connected on the level of just 2 genuine people having a conversation with each other. Realizing how he would pay attention to the smallest of details was when I knew that this was more than just business. Zach’s main focus is to help people achieve their goals and be the driving force behind them. Furthermore, it definitely helped how he also was able to relate to my career of being a financial advisor, as Zach worked for the same company that I do. He understood the lingo and what I go through on a daily basis. That was huge because he realized the potential of what my goals can be on a business level.

Aside from that, overall, Zach is dedicated to ensuring that his clients have top priority no matter what. After we had our initial conversation about him becoming my coach, everything felt comfortable. It’s as if we’ve known each other forever, at least for me, because of how easy and open our conversations were. I know that Zach strives to see his client’s successes and there’s nothing more you can ask of someone when it comes to that. I know that he and I will have a relationship beyond life coaching simply because of his character – and that speaks volumes about the man that he is.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to reach out to Zach, you’re missing out. Don’t waste another second; trust me.



I really enjoyed my time working with Zach and he helped me tremendously. He is very high energy, positive, passionate, and will push you to achieve things you didn’t think were possible. He helped
me achieve my goal of consistently going to the gym by setting up a great plan and schedule. Plus, he helped me improve in other areas of my life. I highly recommend working with Zach! It’s a great Investment in yourself!



Zach’s energy and light is unparalleled.

I started working with Zach just as my life was going through a major shift and I knew I needed a little extra push to get started on the right foot in this new direction.  Zach’s energy and light is unparalleled. He was blunt with me when I needed tough love and encouraging when I needed the support. I only worked with Zach for a brief time due to unfortunate personal circumstances, but in that short time, he helped me find acceptance in myself and build appreciation for each step of the journey and those I share it with. I highly recommend Zach to anyone looking or thinking about hiring a life coach. His energy and personality are enlightening to say the least.

Thank you, Zach! I hope to work with you again in the future! 



I cannot say enough good things about Zach!

I have been around the coaching scene a long time and Zach is top of the list. Hire him now, as it won’t be too long before his client roster is full.

I hired Zach to work with my 18 year old son to help him work through some challenges, develop a positive mindset and build his confidence.

The result – it was evident every week that my son worked with Zach, he was happier, more confident to manage any challenges he was struggling with, and was empowered to go after his goals. His mindset completely shifted from overwhelm and doubt to excitement.

Zach’s energy is infectious, his level of inquiry is spot on and elicits action, and his accountability is supportive and motivating. Zach cares about his clients in a way that I have not seen in other coaches.

I am so grateful to have met Zach and know we will work together again.

Thank you!



The energy and advice Zach brings to the table is far different than you can find anywhere else.

He will help lead you in the direction you want to go.

Thank you,



I’m thankful every single day that I took the chance on life coaching with Zach. 

I’ve been working with Zach for just under 5 months and my results have been more than I could’ve ever dreamed of! 

Every aspect of my health has improved greatly which is amazing considering the serious health conditions I have. 

I have lost a total of 47 pounds!!! I quit smoking after being a smoker for 16 years! 

The amount of insulin I have to take daily has decreased by 45%, and my antidepressant and anxiety medications have been cut in half! 

I would’ve never been able to achieve all of this without all the help and encouragement from Zach. 

Learning how to be consistent, being held accountable, daily meditation, and sticking with the weekly plans we make have changed my health and my life drastically! 

I’m thankful every single day that I took the chance on life coaching with Zach.  Working with him has been amazing for my health and the results have been life-changing!

Thank you!



I can’t recommend working with Zach enough.

Speaking with him was EXACTLY what I needed to do to reset my mindset and get a strong second opinion/perspective on my health, fitness, habits and goals. It’s very obvious that he truly listens and cares.  He has unique/great advice, and is very positive. 

Since speaking with him, I’ve consistently improved with losing weight (which I’ve always struggled with), I’m getting stronger, and most importantly I can feel that I’m getting healthier overall as well. 

If you’re truly looking for accountability, wisdom, and a really cool coach for health and fitness, there’s no one better than Zach Rance IMHO! 

Don’t be a fruit loop dingus, reach out to him!!