I take my health and what I choose to put into my body seriously as I think we all should. Your health is paramount! It’s foundational. Without our health we won’t be able to move through life to carry out what we were meant to be or do.

As a certified nutritionist, I take pride in helping people not only get healthier and lose weight but also feel good!

Developing a healthy food-body awareness relationship is just as important as the types of foods you put into your body.

What’s more important than the food you consume:

  • How you consume your food
  • Why do you consume your food
  • When do you consume your food
  • Do you take inventory of what’s on your plate?
It’s important to understand that proper nutrition is just someone’s opinion.
You are probably asking yourself, is it worth it? My question to you is how important is your health to you?

As your Personal Nutritionist

  • I’ll provide you with a comprehensive food guide and meal suggestion plan.
  • I’ll help guide you to open up and explore, and build that healthy food relationship.
  • I’ll be a source of steady support with daily texts check-ins and weekly phone calls and guidance around obstacles helping you achieve your goal.

what we choose to eat matters!

I want you to be empowered as much as possible. I place the control in your hands so that you can make responsible decisions regarding the food that you consume.

While we work together I’m not going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t eat because ultimately it’s your decision to make. What I will do is be that support, that sounding board, that one on your side supporting you, teaching you responsibility, and planning and holding you accountable for the things you eat on a daily basis.

I simply want to help you make the right decisions to fit your lifestyle. I will do my job, now it is time to do yours!

Let’s Talk!

Book a FREE 15 minute consultation that fits with your schedule

This is a FREE Nutrition Assessment and coaching call to experience what it would be like to work with Life Coach Zach.


What clients have to say



Zach has supported me throughout my weight loss journey, he keeps me up on my nutrition by having me send a picture of everything I eat as well as making sure I am exercising every day.



Zach has been a pleasure to work with! He’s dedicated and that inspired me to work as hard as I could changing my lifestyle. His daily updates and accountability messages definitely helped me stay motivated.




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