As my 3rd Full Ironman is approaching (October 2nd in Barcelona), it’s important to make sure I’m in my healthiest form. Nothing less than peak performance is what I’m after. This race is potentially 17 hours long (depending on how fast I move.) Every single calorie will be burned on race day and if I want to finish it’s going to take everything I have, physically and mentally.

Now most of you reading this blog post are most likely not training for a 140.6-mile race but there’s a lot to learn on the journey of living in your healthiest body. We all want to look and feel healthy. It’s in our nature to want to feel good. Obviously, diet and nutrition are important. It’s safe to say that avoiding toxins like drugs and alcohol would benefit you as well. But being able to customize a plan that fits just right for you is the only way that you can live your best life and not someone else’s. No two people’s DNA is the same so having customized tests done on your blood, VO2 (oxygen level), gut tests, yearly physicals, and other exams are critically important.

poopy problems

Whether you are a 9-to-fiver, stay-at-home mom, college student, or binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix I encourage you to be more intentional about your health. We only have one body so we must treat it with the most respect and appreciate it as if it is the last one we will ever have. With that being said I wanted to talk about a common problem most of us face, poopy problems.

Do you have digestive issues? Are you regularly bloated, burp, and/or fart? You might have gut health problems that can easily be solved. I want to introduce you guys to Ombre. Ombre is an at-home, microbiome gut health test that you can do from the comfort of your own toilet. This at-home kit will give you a ton of statistics and analytics on the contents of the inside of your stomach so you can figure out a way to feel and poop better. I have a link for you guys to get your Ombre kit here:

What’s Included:

The Ombre Difference:

Now there aren’t many quick fixes in life and everything great takes time, hard work, and effort but here is a list of a few things you can do today to get moving along the right track:

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