I remember April/May 2017 – I had just left a salaried position to embark on a journey of a true entrepreneur, not knowing where my next paycheck was coming from. I had just leased a brand-new Infiniti Q50 and had a $400 car payment. I didn’t have much money in my bank account, I was paying $1200 a month for rent and now with a $400 car payment my back was against the wall, the pressure was on. I tell you about this story because today is 5 years to the day that I received an award from EXIT Realty as the #1 agent in the state of Florida in closed transactions for the month of May 2017. This award was presented to me without my knowledge, not even realizing that I was in the running. This award gave me the boost of confidence I needed to keep on going.

“Pressure creates diamonds.”

What is confidence

I’ve always been a confident person, naturally, I just believe in myself. And the belief that I am capable of just about anything has given me faith to take risks and perform actions that have yielded incredible results. My confidence not only in my intelligence but my confidence with social skills has allowed me to create opportunities that would not have been possible without it. Every one of us needs to find ways to create more of that confidence inside. But how do you create confidence if you’re not a confident person? Well, what are you good at? Where do you show up your best? What do you do better than other people? These should be some simple easy-to-answer questions to ask yourself if you are struggling with confidence. Confidence is key and I’ll tell you why.

Why is confidence so important?

Without confidence, you won’t be able to step into the greatest version of yourself. If you’re feeling down and don’t believe that you can accomplish something, or if you are afraid of failure, then why would you ever try? Trying and failing ultimately getting closer to success might be a SHOT to our confidence, but if you never give up and always try, those failures experienced are just another step along the way. There is success in failure. And confidence can be built in any failure you experience. Failing with confidence, have you ever tried doing this? It’s empowering.

How has confidence changed my life…

I think the best example of where confidence has changed my life is when it comes to Iron Man. For me, the most important thing is getting to the starting line healthy, but the next most important thing is having the confidence that I’m going to dominate the race. The only way I have confidence at the starting line is if I’ve executed my training plan at least 90%. Hitting each run, bike, and swim during training blocks gives me the confidence to get through and endure the pain to pass the finish line and become an Iron Man, yet again.

Confidence and the Snowball Effect…

The snowball effect. Confidence is just like the snowball effect. The more confident you become the more you are able to achieve, resulting in more confidence. The more confidence you create from the more you are able to achieve creates more achievements. More achievements leads to more confidence, so on and so forth. You get the idea.

“A journey of 1000 miles starts with one step.”

So where’s your first step of confidence? Maybe it’s your work ethic or maybe it’s simply the way you make other people feel. You are the only you there ever were and ever will be, you are unique and this uniqueness should bring you confidence. I know this is easier said than done, but what’s your other option? Giving up?

In conclusion, lean in to what you are good at, lean in to where you show up your best. Take chances, and try not to be defeated by any failures you experience, be resilience in your determination to build confidence and it will come.

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