How To Get Twice As Much Done In Half The Amount Of Time

I am on a mission. A mission to accomplish twice as much in half the amount of time. Your first thought is, Zach, that’s impossible. And that’s what the average thinker would think. However, I’m not the average person and I’m always looking for ways to challenge myself in every area of life.

My challenge for the next 30 days is to try to accomplish twice as much in half the amount of time. Let me explain…

I want to be twice as productive in half the amount of time. And before I tell you the ins and outs and specifics of how I plan on doing this I think it’s important for you to understand what I’m trying to accomplish. As a life coach/Entrepreneur/business owner/”work from homer”/ beginning online coach/ content creator creativity is of the utmost importance. Being creative in my approach and creative with my input of work is the only way that I will be original in positioning myself as a thought leader on a myriad of topics health and wellness. With that being said, these are the things that I’m trying to accomplish day in and day out: writing as many blog posts as possible, publishing as many books as possible, recording and publishing as many podcasts as possible, having as many coaching conversations as possible, reaching as many people as possible on the Internet, etc..

To put it in perspective here’s an example of my weekly goals

  1. Write and publish two blog posts per week.
  2. Record four podcasts per week and publish two.
  3. Have 10 coaching conversations per week.
  4. Direct message 100 followers per day.

These are not exact figures but they’re pretty close to what I try to accomplish each week. Now how am I going to double my productivity in half the amount of time? Here’s the answer: I’m going to make very subtle changes in my habits and time management to increase productivity and decrease distractions.

For example, while I’m driving to the gym, during that 15 minutes of time I’m behind the wheel I’m going to talk to my phone and record a podcast. I’m then going to use this podcast as an outline for my next blog post.

“Why is it admirable to work hard when we can accomplish the same quality of work in an effortless manner.”

Accomplishing twice the amount of what you value most. This starts with your goals. Constantly reflecting back on your goals and tracking your progress..

If you don’t write down your goals how do you know if you’re on the right track? I myself write down my goals for each month and reflect on them every 30 days. When I look back on what I was trying to accomplish and what was actually accomplished it’s either a huge wake-up call or a confidence boost to continue going. I’ve tried a lot of different projects and ventures in the last three years and 90% of them have not worked out. However the 10% of the projects and ventures that have worked out made up for all the losses from the 90% of my failures.

Writing down your goals so you can increase your awareness..

Awareness is key and I’ve written about awareness in so many previous blog posts. In order for you to track your progress in the pursuit of whatever success looks like for you, you must write everything down. Now I’m not saying pen to paper, you can use digital devices to track your progress. Don’t let the logistics stop you from taking action. This is your wake up call to start tracking your goals and it has never been more important then right now to keep track of your finances, time management, health, exercises, and most importantly the time, energy, and attention you’re giving to your top priorities and values.

What do you value most? How can you get twice of what you value in half the amount of time?

Email me or send me a private message on IG @zachrancey with your answers I’d love to hear from you.



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