It has been a very long journey writing this book. I have written and scrapped over a dozen manuscripts. I have gone months writing daily and I’ve gone months not writing at all. I have set specific goals and deadlines, some I have met, most I have not.

Let’s get this thing done

I need to get this monkey off my back. It’s slowing me down.

It’s not about how you get there it’s about being there – a little hypocritical to my perspective on life. The journey and destination are two different things and when it comes to most things in life I do my best to keep the perspective that it’s the journey that counts not the destination. However, in this case, there is a very clear destination and that is a physical book that can be read by thousands.

Over the last few years, I’ve dreamt of being an author. I’ve dreamt of being a highly acclaimed, prestigious, New York Times bestselling and Wall Street Journal bestselling author writing books every 18 months and doing book tours. I’ve also dreamt of being a broke writer. A writer that puts in an immense amount of time unlocking his full creative potential to eloquently articulate unbounded thoughts, only to never sell a book. This is an author that can’t find a reader but knows that he is living up to his full potential as an artist. To this very day and moment, I still can’t decide which author I want to be, but why do I have to be one or the other? Why can’t I just be someone who simply wants to publish a book? Publishing a book to publish a book, is no means to an end. Just doing it to do it.

Why do it in the first place?

I have a huge fear of lying on my deathbed and looking back on my life of all the things I did not do. All of the accomplishments I did not fulfill and all of the experiences I did not have. How can I live with myself and be content exiting my body and entering the next stage of life if I did not give this life my all? This perspective is not for everybody, not everybody has to dream big and fulfill their potential, but this is my purpose. My purpose as a human being is to live up to my expectations and exceed my expectations, doing things in life differently and not following the status quo. Rules do not exist in my mind. I’ll go left when everyone is going right every day. Not following the rules. Living outside the box, you can’t box me in. Do not compare me to anybody else as I am the only me that will ever be. Even though I have a name I am not defined by letters or words. I am defined by my personality traits and how I made people feel. I’m defined by the impact I left on this earth. So what’s my impact? I still don’t know…

With all of that being said I’m happy to announce that I have finally sent my rough draft manuscript to my editor! I am prepared to be humbled when I receive my rough draft back with red markings everywhere. Writing a book has been a much more challenging task than I had originally thought, but isn’t this the case with everything in life? Isn’t it true that great things in life don’t come easy and that if you want something great you must work hard for it? As the years go by and I begin to get older and older each day I start to realize more and more the simple principles of life. This being one of the most important ones – you must work hard to be great.

If you want something incredible you must be willing to make sacrifices

You must be willing to sacrifice your time, sacrificing sleep, sacrificing fun, or even sacrificing relationships. Not everything is worth sacrificing and being clear on what’s worth sacrificing for is not easy either. Not to say I made a ton of sacrifices in writing this book but writing this book has been a great metaphor for tackling life.

I want this book to be read by all millennials and Gen Z’ers. I want this book to make an impact on one person’s life. Only time will tell.


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  1. You’re so inspiring! I can’t wait to read your book! Looking forward to hearing your story! You’re a wonderful writer!

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