At the beginning of the year we all set our goals and create a plan towards achieving these goals. We might start off strong and build momentum in pursuit of the commitments that we made to ourselves but by spring time our confidence seems to fade. Setting New Years resolutions and devising a plan to “finally get in shape” or “start that business” to eventually “crush this next year” is just that – an “eventual” plan. This blog post and video is a push of encouragement so you can end the year strong! Now I’m not implying that making a New Years Resolution is a façade or a bad thing, I’m just saying that we can also create an end of year resolution – and now is your opportunity. You got 60 days left.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t succeed in all of my New Years Resolutions. One of my goals this year was to stop biting my nails and for one reason or another I was yet again unsuccessful. I did have a few really good attempts and I do bite my nails less but this is not a true win as biting your nails is either something you do or don’t do, it’s a very bad habit of mine.

On a positive note, I did have a few wins. I started to consistently post videos on YouTube. Generated over 2,000 watch hours and currently averaging over 10,000 views per month! As someone who had a platform prior to starting my YouTube channel you might think these analytics are poor, however my content is 100% solely based on personal growth, self development, mental health, and wellness and NOT about reality TV, this is something that I’m proud of and I am confident that consistently creating will result in consistently growing.  

So what do you say? It seems all too familiar, it’s already November and the holidays are quickly approaching. About this time is when we start to slow down and take our foot off the gas because we feel as if the year is over. They say its the most wonderful time of the year, so let’s make it just that – wonderful.

As I write this blog post there are 60 days left in the year 2021. 60 days to make it count and an opportunity to end the year strong. If this wasn’t your best year or maybe you didn’t accomplish some of the goals that you set at the beginning of the year, this is your time to redeem yourself. Good luck.

Some things you can accomplish in 60 days:


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4 responses to “HOW TO END THE YEAR STRONG”

  1. Wow, “end the year strong” what a powerful statement. Without going into detail I just started making some life changes (because my life has been nonexistent for the last 10 years) .. I recently stumbled on your page good timing huh, I just finished reading The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO great book .. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the input/encouragement and best wishes on the up coming Ironman.

    1. Thank you Marvin!

  2. Zach,

    I have followed you over the years and just want to commend you for how much you’ve grown and how you’ve taken your platform and used it to help inspire and motivate others. You truly are an awesome human being and you’re touching so many people around the world with your message and desire for us all to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

    1. Thank you very much Kevin!

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