April 26, 2021:

Imagine if we all had unwavering self discipline and none of us succumbed to our vices and weakness’s. We would all be super successful, rich and happy, but that’s not the truth and if we all had perfect willpower and self discipline well, then the act of willpower and discipline wouldn’t be valuable and true greatness by standing out from the crowd wouldn’t exist.

Having will power means that you are staying loyal to your commitments, honoring your best self and becoming mentally stronger everyday. In order to harness and cultivate stronger discipline it’s important to become conscious of your bad habits and acknowledge your weakest spots. What are your bad habits? What are your weakness’s? And where can you show up better in your life through stronger self discipline?

Most of the time we act on our weakness’s without really noticing it, without us really being present we end up making poor choices and giving into our demons. Self discipline takes practice and it takes consistency but every small win matters because your habit is either getting stronger or getting weaker – there is no in between.

One of my biggest bad habits is biting my nails and this is something that ive been trying to defeat for over 10 years. Well, today I’ve had enough and I’m going to stop biting my nails and this blog is me putting it on the record that I am going to kill this habit regardless of how long it takes. So what steps am I going to follow to beat my habit?

Make it unattractive

I’m going to put nail polish on my finger nails that tastes awful so it will make me reluctant to put my fingers in my mouth.

Make it impossible

I’m going to wear my retainer during the day even when I’m not eating , my retainer makes it impossible for me to bite my nails.

Reward yourself for good behavior

Everyday that I do not bite my nails i am going to treat myself to something nice.

What’s a bad habit that you want to kill? Share this blog post and your bad habit so that you can be held accountable to your followers, just like me!

April 29, 2021 Update

4 days in and I’m doing really good! Hold me accountable please…. DM me on instagram some encouragement @zachrancey or email me at ZachRanceRealty@gmail.com

May 3, 2021

Well I failed, but I have not given up. It’s impossible to actually fail if you never give up so that’s why I’m going to use this failure as a learning experience and an opportunity to get better the next time. I went a full four days (April 26-30) without biting my nails and this is the longest my nails have ever been in the last 10 years, I’m very proud of myself and there are a lot of positive things that came from this last week. However, it’s now time to get better and to push my limits and not bite my nails for a full week.

I’ve figured out one of my triggers when it comes to nail-biting and it seems like after I eat and wash my hands I still need something to chew on and then I resort to biting my nails, so from now on after I eat I’m going to either start chewing gum immediately or put my retainer in. I got this.

Another update coming soon


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