Willpower and Self Discipline

It’s said that willpower and self discipline are muscles that we as humans have the ability to develop and grow stronger. Now I am not a scientist but i have read plenty of books that can attest to this and prove that this is true. There are many things in life that are worth questioning, this one however is not and I’m going to take a leap of faith here and believe this notion to be true.

So how can I apply the knowledge of knowing that willpower is a muscle and use that to my advantage? Well, just like my daily endurance training sessions preparing me for my Ironman race I must do daily strength building practices for my self discipline and willpower muscles.

So what’s the first step that you can take right here, right now? I feel like there are many different places to start and even though one might not know where to begin – self awareness is the first step.

When is your willpower muscle weakest? Maybe it’s in the mornings when you pass starbucks to buy a $6 cup of coffee.

Where is your willpower strongest? Are you good at resisting dessert after dinner?

Becoming self aware of your weaknesses and strengths is the foundation for creating more self awareness around self discipline and willpower – so lets start there. Make a list of these strengths and weakness’s and share them with me at and I’ll reply with some useful information that will help you gain control over your life.

There are so many different things you can do as a person to reach your full potential and attain your goals and willpower is something that must be honed in on if you want to succeed in life. Willpower is the foundation for execution. It’s what allows us to feed our focus and suffocate our distractions.


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