Psychedelics & Personal Growth with Transformation Coach Albert Monachese!

ZACH: Albert 

ALBERT: Hey, good morning 

ZACH: Good morning how are you? 

ALBERT: I’m well how are you? 

ZACH: I’m doing very well, thanks so much for coming to the Life Coach Zach podcast. 

ALBERT: Super excited to be on, man.

ZACH: Very cool. For all of you guys listening that don’t know Albert. Albert is a coach helping individuals grow spiritually and transform their lives. He’s founder of the Clean Consciousness Formula and he’s @personalgrowthacademy on Instagram. So Albert, tell us more.

ALBERT:  First of all all I just want to say thank you so much for having me on, I’m really excited to get to talk a little bit about my mission and my journey, what got me to where I am. So how it all kind of started (I’m going to keep this part of little brief) but from a very young age I didn’t perform as well as all my friends in school so at some point my brain decided that I wasn’t smart so I made all these really young decisions like I’m going to work construction. I’m going to focus on being popular and you know partying and I’m just going to get a high-paying construction job and kind of go on from there. I got out of high school and I entered into the trades immediately. Didn’t even consider going to college. Once again I was heavily invested in being popular and partying and all of this and that and very shortly after that I just started to find myself feeling very unhappy even though I was making pretty good money in the trades. My friends were in college and I was making really good money off the bat so all my friends…  No one really understood why I wasn’t happy because everyone was just equating it to like the money I was making. I was very very unhappy and that led me into a series of terrible relationships and into a very deep depression and drug addiction. That led from you no, alcohol and blow and overdoing it and blacking out drinking and then it actually ended up taking me into like the depths of an opiate addiction. I was doing painkillers and heroin and I was in a place where I did not think that I could ever transform my life in such a way to have more. I had accepted the construction job that I hated. I accepted the amount of finance I was able to bring into my life. I accepted that I was maybe only going to be able to attract certain kinds of women. So that led me into a two-year-opioid depression. At the end of the two years when I finally hit the point of like I’m willing to do any f****** thing possible to really change my life. I looked into doing some Psychedelic Retreats.  I ended up doing ibogaine which is a very strong psychedelic that comes from Africa and I did it in a ceremonial setting with shaman and that literally gave me the craziest connection and the craziest mindset and perception shifts that I have ever experienced in a short amount of time. Like from then to now I’ve had many more shifts but it’s taking time. This was like, you know, I went on the one Journey experience and like my whole entire perception of life was flipped upside down in one night. I stop using heroin. Stopped using opiates like instantly. But I did continue to you know, drink a little bit with the boys and hit the odd line here and there. I tried all rehabs, and I went to every therapist and every Alcohol Anonymous meeting, I went to everything and nothing clicked for me. Then I had this psychedelic journey and I realized that I hold the keys. I’m able to take any area of my life and change it. Once I had that realization I deep dove into personal growth. Had a couple of other psychedelic experiences. I deep dove into meditation. I’ve read every fu**in personal help, growth book you could read, read them multiple times. I just really started to apply everything I was learning into my life. And one thing after another I was able to change every single area of my life to the point where it’s been 5 years since I’ve touched an opiate, and it’s been over 3 years since I’ve had a drink or done a line. I was able to attract the most perfect, most supportive partner for me where I’m in like the most perfect marriage now. I was able to attract a career change and more finances than I ever had working in construction. And I don’t work, I work from home now I just have an online coaching business, so I was able to completely change my career, completely change my financial life, completely change my relationship life and completely change the way I feel about myself. So I then decided to go to Peru. I went to Peru and I did Ayahuasca and DMT with some Shaman’s and from there I decided that I was going to f****** get online and start making my life about service to others and that’s when I created Clean Consciousness. I wanted to offer people a way of recovery that wasn’t the traditional methods. All the traditional methods of recovery, I call them the disease model, which is they tell you you’re diseased. They tell you you’re an addict for life. They pretty much give you all these limiting beliefs but they don’t teach you how to move past addiction. It’s like people get clean time but they’re still an addict. They still have all these limiting beliefs, they’re life doesn’t really change beyond they just got clean. I’m clean but I’m still miserable and I still can’t change anything in my life. I just accepted that I’m an addict. Accepted the limiting beliefs and got clean right? Which is great, it’s a win, but I was looking for more. I just figured it out, like I said earlier, that the keys were within myself. So I created Clean Consciousness and I started working with people in recovery and I started helping them make changes in their lives. That blossomed into me starting Personal Growth Academy where now I am open to working with anybody looking for transformation in any area of their life. Right now I’m offering specifically towards people who are looking to make changes and attract a perfect partner. Perfect relationship. So yeah that’s kind of like the basis of what happened. Like I said now I’m 5 years clean and I don’t hold any of those limiting beliefs. I don’t define myself by the past. I defined myself in my vision of the future and I’ve completely let go of the addiction and any sort of limiting beliefs that I held around that. I’m at a point where I’m just completely excited because what I’ve done in the last 5 years is so amazing and I want to share it with people. I just can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in the next 5 years you know what I mean? Even things like, you know, you reaching out to me. The story behind me manifesting my wife was crazy because… I’ll just give you a brief one on that. Broke up with my last shitty relationship and I told myself that I’m going to be single and happy first and if I do ever enter into another relationship it has to have certain requirements. It has to meet X Y and Z. As soon as I made those strong decisions I literally bumped into my wife at a music festival in the potty lineup. We started chatting and I spent the whole festival with her and we’ve been together now four years. We met in August at a festival and that October we flew to Vegas and eloped, two months later and now we’ve been married four years and I literally, I made these decisions. I had a picture in my head of what I wanted or else I was just going to make myself happy, I was going to focus on being single and happy and then this relationship just fell in my lap. So much cool shit has transpired in the last few years for me.  And beforehand, I had already been married and divorce once prior. After that marriage I was in a slew of shitty relationships up until I made these choices and then I manifested this perfect relationship. So, like I said, I want to help people, whomever is having struggles in any area of their life, find a way to go inside, go internally, do the internal work to then manifest the reflection of them on the inside. If that makes sense.

ZACH: Sure, makes complete sense. Albert, first of all I want to say congratulations on getting over your addiction and getting past everything that was bringing you down and blossoming into this new life, this new person. Dude honestly, really congratulations. I’m super proud of you and it’s super inspirational.

ALBERT: Thank you Bro!

ZACH: It’s inspirational for people like me who, you know, I do have my shit together, but there’s so much more for me to accomplish. There’s so much more awareness that I can turn inside and there are so many more experiences, whether that’s with psychedelics or a trip to Peru or Ayahuasca DMT. These are the things that I am very open-minded to. These are things that I have been, not passionate about, but interested in over the past couple of years since getting into mindfulness, since getting into meditation. Since learning about the universe and how we’re all connected and how, you know magic mushrooms or Ayahuasca, some of these natural herbs or whatever you want to call them, can really open up our mind to our purpose. They help ground us.

ALBERT: A lot of people are under a misconception. These are not like party drugs, they’re not like going out with your buddies and doing mushrooms or doing DMT Ayahuasca, like these things are like in ceremonial settings and very very spiritual and you go in with an intention and you always come out of it with a lesson. A lot of times they’re not fun. They’re just so beyond intense, like I wouldn’t call them a fun experience you know? They were amazing. Life changing. And I’m open to having other experiences down the road myself also, but I wouldn’t be like Whoohoo like it was so fun… Ayahuasca! It’s very very intense and very eye-opening and it’s crazy how it can create such a massive shift in the way you think. I grew up and I was like the most egocentric, most disconnected person you could ever meet and I was never happy. Then I did these things, I made my connections and I found God, not in a religious sense, I found spirituality, found my internal non-physical self through some of these things and then also my own work like meditation and shit and it just completely f****** changed my life! Even after getting clean. Shortly after I went vegan, so it’s about four years in January that I’ve been vegan. I’ve literally been able to change every single area of my life. So many people have limiting beliefs that they can’t f****** change what they have going on and they accept what is… Even if they’re not happy right? And they will convince themselves that they have to appreciate it and they have to be happy and they should feel lucky for what they have even though deep down inside they don’t f****** like it and want to change it. They want more but they’re scared to ask for more.  They’re scared to ask for these changes, because maybe they will disappoint themselves if they ask for more and they don’t get it right? So people are like… ohh, I’m content. I’m trying to break people away from that and have people really really dig deep and figure out what the f*** they want and ask for it, you know? 

ZACH: Yeah, so let me ask you a question Albert. I want to go on a guided journey. I want to take psychedelics. Where do I find psychedelics? 

ALBERT: Well, because of my past with partying I had a couple people that I was able to kind of reach out to, to see if they can point me in the right direction. Going to Peru, I found the most reputable tour trip into the Amazon. I didn’t just land in Peru and find some dude on the street and be like, yo, like hook me up with Ayahuasca. That was planned through an Amazon Retreat trip, you know? It’s hard for me to really tell you how you’re going to source these out on the street. At the end of the day these things are drugs. 

ZACH: That’s a conversation we can have off the podcast. My point, is this is something I want to do and I know that there are professional ways to do this, whether that is a guided journey or an Amazon Retreat in Peru with a Shaman and things like that.  I have done shrooms before. I’ve done shrooms 3 times in college. When I went into that experience, it was like me and some fraternity buddies. Hey, let’s take some Magic Mushrooms and hang out all day. We walked around campus, we sat in a dark room with a laser pen, listening to some crazy vibey music and it was so much fun. The next day I did wake up with a bigger purpose of life and I felt more grounded. And I didn’t really have such an attachment to all the superficial things that I cared about prior to my journey. I wasn’t in the same place as I am now and when you told me your story, and I’m not going to say it’s very similar to mine, yours was way more intense and way more impactful, you’ve accomplished way more as far as just like a life transformation you know? I was dealing with severe depression after I was on a reality TV show and for the last five years, just like you, I woke up at 5 a.m, I’ve meditated for 20 minutes, I’ve gotten 1% better every single day whether that means one extra rep at the gym, one extra page in a book, I mean I’ve read 34 books this year. I read about 30 books last year. I’m addicted to personal growth just like you. I’ve read every single book pretty-much but there are plenty more to read.  I’ve become a lot more passionate about spirituality and I’ve become a lot more passionate about consciousness. You and I have a lot in common when it comes to that. Really being aware of our thoughts, where our thoughts come from and how we’re able to manifest our goals and dreams, you know, by being aware of this. Controlling our thoughts which change our emotions. Which raises our frequency. Which projects out into this quantum field. This is the natural law of attraction.  This is a real law just like gravity. Just like any other relativity, whatever you want to call it. This is a real thing, Law of Attraction. So I’m really really passionate about doing that and I think I’m just scratching the surface and I would love to work with you and I would love to learn more about your coaching and how that can not only help me, but the audience is well.

ALBERT:  Yeah man we can absolutely talk about that further. What you were saying about the laws of attraction and frequencies and embodying a frequency of what you want to manifest in your life before you have it. These are all the things that I’m also into. For a lot of people out there who are struggling to find a spiritual connection you tell someone… oh, Laws of Attraction and they just kind of think, oh yeah think positively. It goes way way deeper than that and it gets into the frequencies and the f****** quantum field.

ZACH: Science… It’s real.

ALBERT:  Yeah you know what I mean? I’m just kind of obsessed with that whole area of learning and like I said I know that there’s so much more to learn. At the end of the day no matter what your experience is your experience is your experience and my experience is my experience and my experience is a reflection of how I value myself. It’s a reflection of the internal me no matter what. Until you can make that connection and take responsibility for your life on that level? You’re only going to have f****** surface-level changes. You’re not going to actually transform your life. So yeah that’s actually a huge part of my mindset section is like just f****** taking responsibility for your experience and making it happen. 

ZACH: Yeah, nobody’s perfect. We all have our demons, we all have our vices. I’m sure there are things that Tony Robbins is working on beating. At the end of the day, hiring a coach, and this is one of the reason I started this podcast, because Mentors have been so impactful in my life and I’ve gotten so much value from these Mentors, whether that’s reading a book by Dale Carnegie, or watching a youtube video from Dr. Joe Dispenza. 

ALBERT: He’s my boy!

ZACH: Dude, he is by far one of my top two favorite authors. He is incredible. “Becoming Supernatural” is such a great book dude. 

ALBERT: It’s one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read.

ZACH: It really is.

ALBERT: I do his meditations on the regular.

ZACH: I do his meditations on the regular too. He has a heart coherence meditation, it’s like 13 minutes long…. Feel the space between your eyes, feel the space underneath your chin, feel the space between your knees. You can feel the quantum field. You can feel the quantum field in between your knees. There is space there. Just like there is space between the computer and my face right now. There is space between the entire universe. Long story short, Mentors are so important, so someone like you can definitely help me become more conscious and be able to control my future and everything that’s going on in my life so I’m very excited to have a conversation with you off the podcast.

ALBERT: Yeah, I’m super excited that you reached out and that this all worked out the way it has.

ZACH: In the meantime I am going to find some magic mushrooms. Let me ask you a question… 


ZACH: No I’m deadass serious, Let me ask you a question.  When you had your psychedelic Journey that ended your heroin addiction and created a different path to an addiction of personal growth was that psilocybin, was it DMT, was it LSD?

ALBERT: It’s called Ibogaine.  It’s a tree bark from Africa that you eat and it last extremely long it was like 16 hours, a complete like introspective look at myself plus a look at the cosmos.

ZACH: Sounds lit.

ALBERT: It really was, but like I said I wouldn’t really call it a fun thing. I honestly see myself doing Psychedelic Retreats in the future. I’m just trying to figure out the logistics of it and how to make it like legal, cuz I don’t want to get in trouble. I’m not trying to do illegal shit, you know what I mean? So once I figure all that out I potentially am going to be holding my own Retreats.

ZACH: Awesome I’m there, put me down, I’ll pay a deposit, I’m there. 

ALBERT: I do know of a couple people locally here that have some Retreats that I could probably get you on their email list. They’re like legitimate ceremony retreats too. It’s not sourcing drugs out on the streets, not like that. I can see myself holding Retreats locally and then I would like to eventually be holding maybe a 4 day or even week long retreats in Costa Rica with a couple psychedelic experiences and then meditation and yoga and vegan plant based whole food, the whole f***in thing.

ZACH:  I want people to understand that these drugs that were talking about these are natural drugs that come from the earth. They are Gaia. If you don’t know what gaia is, gaia is the life of the earth. The earth is a living breathing organism and these drugs (I’m using air quotes) come from Gaia, they come from the earth. I feel like God is kind of just pushing us in this direction. That hey like this is what’s really going on. All this surface-level s*** Biden, Trump election and you know, all this bipartisan, and I don’t wanna get into politics at all, but there’s just so much surface-level s*** okay. The freaking 2020 election is the most surface-level shit ever. None of these politicians are accomplishing f****** jack shit! They’re not doing shit. They’re taking money from people and they don’t give a f*** about us honestly guys. I’m sorry if I’m hurting anyone’s feelings or anything but you know let’s really turn our attention inwards and start experiencing God.

ALBERT:  Those two dudes Trump and Biden those guys need psychedelics more than anyone.

ZACH:  And on that note LOL…. Albert it has been a freaking pleasure having you here this conversation went so well. I’m so elated that we ended up connecting on Instagram and doing this podcast and we’re absolutely going to do another podcast where I follow up with you on my guided journey with psychedelics 

ALBERT: Damn right, I’m super interested bro.

ZACH: Is there anything else you want to leave the audience with today? Obviously go follow Albert on Instagram, @personalgrowthacademy. Is there anything you want to leave the audience with today?

ALBERT: You were touching on Mentors earlier and I’ve had my mentors that I’ve paid for for the last two years and that is another way to find exponential growth in your life. This whole life coaching mentoring industry that is blossoming and blooming is honestly the way of the future. Internal work, spirituality and personal growth is what is going to take humanity to another level. Not the surface level bullshit you were talking about earlier.  And with that man, I hope you have an amazing week and let’s book another podcast.

ZACH: Absolutely and I love what you said about finding a mentor and becoming more deeper in your life. It’s obviously going to move humankind in the right direction. Someone who doesn’t know literally anything about this. Pick up a book by Echart Tolle, you know, pick up “The Power of Now”. Pick up “The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer. These are like beginner books that will blow your brain. 

ALBERT: Yeah, the inner roommate analogy in “The Untethered Soul” like that completely changed the way I looked at the voice in my head and that actually created the disconnect where I was able to detach from the voice and be like… “that’s my ego…. that’s not me” Also “Power of Now is one of the most epic books as well.

ZACH: I like “A New Earth” a little better than “Power of Now” for some reason but I was literally on a call with a Life Coaching client yesterday and he was having some trouble with his anxiety and XYZ and some self-conscious type issues and I was like, those thoughts in your head? You need to objectify that and personify those thoughts as a person! We now call that person Joe! We don’t f*** with Joe. We hate Joe. Joe doesn’t shut the f*** up and when Joe wants to open his mouth? We punch Joe in the f****** jaw! And that’s how we live our lives. 

ALBERT: Joe gets throat punched. 

ZACH: Joe gets f***** throat punched. And when he does we’re able to peel off the layers and live our true selves. We’re not humans having a spiritual experience, we’re spirits having a human experience. And that’s something that I think more people need to understand. The awareness that you’re inside your body, you’re not Albert and I’m not Zach, I’m the awareness that I’m Zach. 

ALBERT:  Exactly. Even with the “Power of Now” and anxiety, you were talking about one of your clients having anxiety. All that anxiety is all fake, that’s all shit he’s making up in his mind. His ego is making that up because the future doesn’t happen, everything is a series of infinite NOWS that we live. We don’t live in the future. We create these anxieties for ourselves because people don’t have all the understanding. Your brain is creating all that story in your head. It’s not real. You can disconnect from it. It’s amazing.

ZACH: And the more you identify with it, the more you believe it, the more power you give it. The more your feeding it, the more power you’re giving our ego. 

Dude, we could talk all day. I know you’re a super busy guy. I’m going to pop some Magic Mushrooms in the next couple of weeks or so. I’m going to let you know how it goes.

ALBERT: Yes, please do that.

ZACH: To all my audience listening go follow Albert on IG @personalgrowthacademy. Albert, thank you so much for coming today and I will talk to you soon.

ALBERT: Thank you so much for having me. It was such a great experience.

ZACH: It really was. Alright Albert, talk to you soon my guy.


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