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Sept 29, 2020: In this episode I have the lovely Goddess Jasmine Rasco as my guest! Jasmine is someone who helps women discover their inner power and guide them in areas they are wanting to improve their life. She also has her own podcast called Habits of A Goddess. Jasmine shares daily affirmations to help with mental health self-care and self-love, and in this episode we talk about her affirmations and how we can utilize self-love to bring our greatest version of ourselves into every single room we walk into.

Jasmine: Hello 

Zach: Hey Jasmine this is Zach, how are you doing? 

Jasmine: I’m doing great, how are you doing?

Zach: I’m really well, thank you for asking.

Zach: Thank you so much for coming on the podcast, how’s your day going so far?

Jasmine: My day is going amazing, I have been doing a lot of meditating, getting ready. It’s been raining here in Atlanta, Georgia so today is kind of like chores a little.

Zach: So tell me about your mediation practice?

Jasmine: In the morning, it’s like a routine for me now but in the morning I like to listen to my podcast or Abraham Hicks or Bob Baker and I like to just kind of have it playing in the background as I start my day. I start listening while laying down but I eventually get up and start my day, shower, brush my teeth, get dressed and I have it playing throughout the morning. For me it helps me start my day on a good note. 

Zach: Yeah I love that. I’ve actually been meditating for about 4 years now and I’ve experienced different types of meditation but I agree with you it’s so important to start it early it just really sets the tone for the day.

Jasmine: Yes I definitely agree 

Zach: So you say that you help women discover their inner power and guide them on the areas they are wanting to improve in their life. Tell me a little more about that.

Jasmine: Yes, I started my journey about 5 years ago when I started working on myself and I started going to a therapist. I started working and healing my inner child, working on things and I noticed the changes in my personal life and I know it came from tapping into my inner self going back and pulling out that power that we all have within ourselves to become the best version of ourselves. That started attracting women to my page asking me for guidance on how they could become a better version of themselves. They noticed the light, I didn’t need to go around with a sign saying “Hey I made a change in my life”. It was just obvious from women watching me on social media. So I had women dm me and share personal stories with me that they felt could relate based off of my personal growth and my story. I just started helping them and working on things that they wanted to work on in their life, just helping them become a better version, mentally, spiritually and physically as well.

Zach: I love that. I love that. It’s funny, I think we actually have a lot more in common than you think. Because I did the exact same thing. I just started focusing on myself and how I could live my best life. How I could be the greatest version of myself and people started taking note and people started reaching out.  “Zach, how did you make this change?” “Zach, how did you know XYZ” and just like you said, you didn’t have to walk around with a sign or tell people it was just obvious.

Zach: What do you think was the biggest Difference Maker for you that led you to here. 

Jasmine: The biggest difference,  I would say, is when people that met me in the beginning of my journey, they knew about me growing up losing both of my parents at a young age. They knew about me becoming homeless and they new about me, you know, just having kind of a difficult childhood and how growing into a young adult just overcoming challenges. When they saw the things that I accomplished on my own, of course with God’s help, but like things I’ve accomplished, like starting a business and sharing more of who I am on social media. When they saw me going to my therapist and how I would say she was a breath of fresh air in their life. When they saw that? I think that was kind of like what clicked, the shift. It was a 5 year journey for me. I was doing these little small tasks, going to therapy, healing myself, doing things I’m passionate about, meditating, reading books that helped my personal development. Those were like little things that added up to the big change. No one saw those things because it wasn’t behind the scenes, you know? But someone from the outside would be like Oh My God like she was here and now she’s here. For me it was those small habits that I created daily, you know, just really focusing on myself. I’m very ambitious and focused on my job and things that truly make me happy and giving back in any way that I can whether it’s either helping other women online. So that was like the big shift just working on myself. I will say this. 3 years ago I looked up Les Brown, I don’t know if you know who he is, he’s a motivational speaker. I started listening to this man every morning, every night. I was hooked on him. One day he came to our church. I got the opportunity to listen to him live and it just clicked with me. Like I wanted to change. I wanted to change my situation. I believe in affirmations. That was the thing that started the snowball effect with me. 

Zach: Absolutely…. I love that. So many things came together and just opening your eyes to one thing and going down this journey opened you up to something else. And there’s just all these variables that are involved and when you really put them all together they start to click.

Jasmine: Yes, it all comes into alignment. 

Zach: It all comes into alignment. You just have to tap into the right thing and whether that’s mediation or finding passion from Les Brown or through the struggles. I want to commend you and acknowledge you for all the struggles that you’ve been through and you know just putting one foot in front of the other and getting to where you are today is already a huge success but no, you’re taking it 10 steps further to make a profound impact on this Earth and help women and help people online to live their best life and step into the greatest version of themselves so whether it’s this that X Y or Z doesn’t matter what your motivation is as long as you’re being a better version of yourself in and your making a lasting positive impact on the world, that’s all that really matters. So I’m really so so happy for you that you stepped into this new version of yourself and this is just the beginning for you 

Jasmine: Thank you, thank you 

Zach: You also told me how you share daily affirmations to help women with mental health, self care, and self-love and I was going to ask you what’s your favorite affirmation but I know you probably have so many, but tell me a little bit more about your affirmations and what are some of your favorite affirmations and how do they help other people.

Jasmine: Yes, so I started a podcast called Habits of a Goddess and I noticed for me, that was like part of my transformation, like affirmations, finding something I can consume that’s healthy that’s going to improve my life. I started that during quarantine. I noticed a lot of people, not just women, a lot of people were dealing with mental health. They were so used to like a routine or so used to going into work, they were so used to you know doing stuff and now you’re kind of like stuck at home and I know for me like if whenever I got on social media I didn’t have to look for it but like so much trauma was just going on online like you couldn’t escape it. You know killings, shooting, bystanders you know filming that. So I was feeling taxed heavily on my soul just on social media with that so I felt like I needed to create something. I do this on my own but like I felt like I needed to create something that I do but put a twist on it and share it with my audience and share it with the women that follow me. So I created Habits of a Goddess. I want to show you can create healthy habits daily, make it a lifestyle. Implement in your life like don’t just, you know, do it one time and put it back on the Shelf, like make this a daily thing this is a lifestyle this is not something that you can just do for 90 days and that’s it.  So I started with self-love affirmations cuz the majority of the women that would reach out to me it all was kind of like around the same rooted topic self-love. One of my favorite affirmations I would have to say is “Everything is working out for me. I am loved. I am a Divine Goddess.  I know from me that for me is like affirmation of letting me know that I am worthy. I’m a Divine Goddess and despite what’s going on in the world you have to pour into yourself. You have to find that balance in your life because so much is moving fast paced.  We don’t have time to process things and you know my affirmations, the feedback I’ve been getting back from the women, they’ve been telling me, it’s very calming, it’s very soothing and that was my goal. Despite what’s going on in the world today that you have something that you can listen to, that I calm you, that can soothe you, that can nurture your soul, your mind and help you conquer your day you know?

Zach: Absolutely I loved all those affirmations that you mention and I’m someone who uses affirmations religiously and I am someone who….  I want to first mention everything you discuss regarding habits and how habits, it’s a lifestyle change like you’re not just trying to do this for the next 90 days like you said. This is something that you’re going to do for the rest of your life until the day you die. I’m someone who wakes up religiously at 5am and I go to the gym and meditate and read 20 pages of a non-fictional personal growth self-development book every day and I have my night routine. All these habits are helping me get to where I need to be, but I’m not doing it to get to somewhere else I’m doing this because I’m trying to make a lifestyle change so I love how you mention habits and then about the affirmations, like it doesn’t matter how you get that feeling as long as you get that feeling that you are loved and you do matter and you are making a difference. Whether you have to tell it to yourself to make you believe it or you have to watch a movie or listen to someone else to make you believe it. As long as you believe it that’s all that matters because that true belief that underlying faith and hope that you can do this or things are going to get better and that you have people around you that support you is what’s going to help you act and choose and decide and lead powerfully and bring your best self into the next room you walk into and help someone else that needs a helping hand. You know some people think affirmations don’t work or it’s voodoo type stuff but look, if you look yourself in the mirror and you tell yourself something and you actually believe it? You are going to change your life immediately.

Jasmine: Yes. You have to reprogram your mind like it has to be a shift,  like it’s a mental thing. It has to be a shift. I like to fall asleep sometimes listening to something geared towards whatever I want to work on. I was my first project I guess. I know if it changed me it can change anyone! 

Zach: Absolutely wow that was great. That’s such powerful stuff right there. Is there anything you want to leave with the audience for them to either connect with you or maybe some last words to inspire

Jasmine: Yes I definitely want to say this. I know that sometimes you know when you’re starting a journey like this on improving your life, personal development. It can be overwhelming, listening or hearing people say I do this everyday or I read this… I read that.  I will say start simple.  Don’t try to consume everything at once. Don’t overwhelm yourself whether it’s you know five minutes in the morning meditating,  like start with that. Whether it’s reading a chapter a day or page a day like whatever you can do to start just do that. Don’t try to become this guru overnight like for meditating and you know just start simple and then build up on it. Don’t let it intimidate you.  I see a lot of times, I get a lot of questions asking “what did you do?” “What was a big thing that you did that changed” There was no big thing. I did not hit this Lottery like there was no big thing. It was small habits and they all collectively came together and helped transform my mindset and I view life so differently.  I just have more understanding and I’m able to help women now because it’s like I know exactly where you’re coming from because I used to think that way too as well. You know.

Zach: Absolutely you’re so right it’s all about starting off small, staying consistent and building from there.

Jasmine: Yes 

Zach: Don’t overwhelm yourself people. Don’t overwhelm yourself, if you’re trying to build a new habit of reading, just read one page today, two pages tomorrow three pages the next day. If you’re trying to create a habit of meditation? Meditate for 1 minute today, two minutes tomorrow, three minutes the next day and that consistency is what’s going to build that foundation for you to vertically scale not only your life but your business but most importantly your happiness.

Jasmine: Yes, your happiness is so important that inner peace is so important and if anything costs you your peace it costs too much.

Zach: Wise words right there… Yes if it costs you your peace, it costs too much! Wow I like that… Awesome. Well, thank you so much for coming on the podcast

Jasmine: Thank you 

Zach: It was a pleasure having you Jasmine, we will connect after this call. If you want to tell everyone your Instagram handle so they can follow you, I’ll put it in the description, but if you have anything else that you want them to check out let them know.

Jasmine: Yes for sure, you can follow me on instagram @habitsofagoddess My podcast is Habits of Goddess and Instagram handle is @habitofagoddess as well. If you like to work with me on coaching you can contact me through my website Habitsofagoddess I work with all women from all different paths in life.

Zach: Jasmine thank you so much for coming. I hope that you have an incredible day and I look forward to talking to you again soon. 

Jasmine: Thank you Zach…


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