5 Essential Sleep Hacks

As many of you know I want to be able to operate at the top of my game as best I can in every area of my life for as long as possible.  Sleep is one of those incredibly important areas I want to focus on for today’s newsletter.  

I’m training for my 4th Ironman taking place in Cozumel in November and in order for me to be ready for every training day leading up to the race, I need to be rested. It’s imperative that I get as much quality sleep as possible, with a focus on quality, so that my body has enough time to recover, restore and regenerate.

I’ve put together a short list of 5 hacks that seem to be working for me at the moment and I’ll probably do these for the foreseeable future. I included some links for each so you can check out what I’m talking about.  

I thought I’d share them with you since they’ve helped me and maybe they can help you if you are someone that maybe struggles getting a good nights rest.

If you have any questions, let me know.

These are the 5 things I’ve implemented into my

nighttime routine to hack my sleep:

Cell phone: I put my phone outside my room. Getting up at 455am is no easy task and that’s why I purposely put my phone (which I use as my alarm), outside my bedroom. This forces me to get out of bed and walk all the way downstairs (yes i can still here my alarm) to shut it off.  This increases my chances of staying up and not going back to sleep

Eye mask:  I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out these things… One of the most important things for high quality sleep is that you are in a dark room, well the eye mask takes care of that.  Even though they don’t last throughout the whole night it’s great to help you get to sleep.  The one that I use, it has 88 thousand reviews Amazon

Mouth tape:  I know you’ve heard me say this before but mouth tape is integral to getting high quality sleep.  It forces you to breathe through your nose which increases oxygen and minimizes your ability to snore giving your body more efficiency to rest through the night and it minimizes bad breath.  I use Hostage Tape,  you can check them out and buy it here, it’s .83 cents per day Hostage Tape

Sleep tracker:  Whether you are into analytics or not this is great for you to become more aware of how many hours you’re truly getting each night… I recommend the whoop strap (you can get one for free here WHOOP Strap).  The one I’m currently using the Oura Ring… They are both great but the price points differ greatly up front…

Sunlight alarm clock:  This mimics natural sunlight and you can set it to go off when you want to wake up and it will force you to get out of bed because of the strong light… At this point your eye mask has fallen off, this is the one I’ve used as an alternate to my phone and it has nearly 25,000 reviews Amazon

Have a great week!

Zach, Your Life Coach.


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