A year before I went off to college my parents lost all their money in the Global Financial Crisis.

Here’s why I’m thankful for this happening.

The next year in 2009 my parents dropped me off at college with a $50 gift card to the grocery store. Before I bought books I went out looking for a job. I had no choice but to find a reliable source of income because financially my back was against the wall.

In situations like this a massive sense of urgency was created. It was find a job or essentially be homeless. This financial pressure turned me into a money making savage.

After finding work in a sorority house kitchen washing dishes, I made sure to take pride in being a competent, respectful and reliable employee. I held multiple jobs for 5 years straight while attending school to pay my rent and buy food.

Today as a multiple six figure entrepreneur I still live life like my back is against the wall. Every time I collect a check I invest 90% of it and immediately go out looking for a bigger check.

Moral of the story: find ways to create pressure and urgency in your life and you will miraculously make amazing things happen.




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