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Mindset is something that a lot of us life coaches talk about. We are always searching for the perfect mindset, but is that possible? Is it truly possible to find the exact mindset that will allow us to accomplish our goals and dreams? I don’t believe so, here’s why.

Our goals, values, and priorities are going to change over time. What you care about right now and what you’re chasing after at this moment is not how you are going to feel five or ten years from now. Understanding that our mindset is going to change is what’s going to allow us to focus on the simple things that are going to move us forward in the right direction. However, before you try to gain clarity around moving forward in the right direction, take a look at what direction you’re heading in right now. I talk a lot about habits because habits are the best way to automate positive actions in our life. Taking inventory of our habits is going to help us become more conscious of our mindset.

Having a strong mindset around mental health, physical health, happiness, and well-being is going to build the foundation that is required to optimize and increase your joy and peace around the other things in your life. Whether it is your financial mindset, or maybe your self-confidence, you can always develop a better sense of where you’re going if you are hyper-aware of where you are at. 

I recently made a post on Instagram about how I haven’t been posting on Instagram recently. There is no reason as to why I have not been posting on Instagram, except for the fact that my mind just wasn’t there for it. As someone who is building a personal brand and is hyper-focused on working with existing and new clients and building strong relationships with people that care about their personal growth, it’s crucial that I broadcast and publish my life on the Internet. However, being transparent and showing the world what I’m doing every single day does get overwhelming sometimes and it takes my focus away from my work. My mindset just wasn’t there. And that’s okay, it happens.

My point is this, in order to develop a better mindset around the things that matter to you, you have to take inventory of your mindset right now. It’s impossible to move forward in life if you don’t have anything to look back on. This is where self-reflection and introspection are so vital. Journaling is a great exercise for you to create more awareness around where your thoughts or in the present moment.

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