I’m currently in the middle of reading “Mindset” by Carol S Dweck, PHD. It’s a very interesting read that discusses the two types of mindsets us humans have – Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset. 

In a fixed mindset we rely on our natural abilities for achievement, accomplishment, and success. With this fixed mindset our willingness and capabilities to grow are capped off at a certain level and even though we might reach success it is because of our God given talents not our ability to adapt, change, and develop our skills.

In the Growth mindset failure is praised because its an opportunity to learn. In a growth mindset we always believe that we can get better, stronger, smarter, and more learned. In the growth mindset the sky’s the limit and regardless of our natural born talents we can rise to victory and overcome any obstacle that’s put in our path.

I love this book because it is challenging me to find areas of my life where I could have a fixed mindset and where I am reliant on my innate qualities and not pursuing growth or putting in more effort into the things that I value most. 

It is never too late to grow, learn or be better and I want to challenge you to do all 3 of these. Send me an email to with answers to these questions below on how you can cultivate your growth mindset and rid your past of any fixed mindsets you could have. I’m looking forward to hearing your responses.


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