From now on I’ll be doing things a little differently in the weekly newsletter. Instead of summarizing the week’s podcast episodes I’m going to be sharing with you guys single things that have changed my life, FOREVER.

From now on, every week I’m going to be sharing with you 1 thing that has changed my life. This could be a book, a mindset shift, a recovery tool, an easy way to track your spending, or even a food hack.

Sound good? Awesome.

So today I’m going to be sharing with you one thing that changed my sleep… FOREVER.

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep contributes to improved concentration, enhanced mood, boosted immune function, and even better weight management.

One revolutionary way to optimize your sleep is by using mouth tape.

You might be wondering, what exactly is mouth tape? Well, it’s a simple yet effective technique that involves gently taping your mouth shut while you sleep. I’ve now been sleeping with mouth tape for well over a year and I’ve seen serious benefits. I stay asleep throughout the night and I’m also more prone to keeping my mouth closed during the day which promotes nose breathing to optimize my oxygen in my blood and strengthen my airways. Mouth tape is a game changer and I promise you won’t regret using it.

If you want to try a comfortable and effective mouth tape I have a 15% off discount code for Dream Recovery mouth tape the exact mouth tape strips I use. Just head over to and use code “ZACH” at checkout for 15% off. You also get a discount if you choose to receive a monthly subscription.

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