When the doctors told my client Jane she would never work again due to severe anxiety she actually believed them. I however, did not.

Less than 1 year later she was profiting over $1,000 of cashflow a month running her own baking business. She had always had a passion for baking but conceptualizing it into a source of income was something she never even realized was a possibility. That’s the power of coaching – you can not even fathom the possibilities and opportunities on the other end of this transformational experience. When I started working with “Jane” (fake name to hide her identity) she was severely overweight, addicted to cigarettes, hyper anxious, and had zero income. Today she is 75 pounds lighter, no longer smoking, has control over her anxiety, lives a happier and healthier life and is running a multi 4 figure business out of her home kitchen. 

How did this happen….

September 26, 2021

It was 5am in Waikiki, Hawaii as I’m walking down the street having a free discovery session with Jane, this was the first time we had met (virtually). She originally reached out to me for help losing weight but little did she know she was going to get way more than she could have ever imagined. On our first call we clearly identified her goals and co created the action steps to achieve them. We started small, as I do with most of my clients. Together we had decided a daily 45 minute walk, 5 minutes of meditation, and 1 less cigarette per day would be the perfect start for her to get back on track towards a happier and healthier lifestyle. She desperately agreed that this was a good plan for her to start with knowing that any exercise and new positive habit would be better than what she is currently doing now.

“I didn’t know exactly where we were going to end up but I knew the direction to start traveling.”

I knew that with consistent execution of these small wins she would be able to turn her entire life around and magic would happen. Today Jane is thriving and continues to work with me closely because she has unwavering conviction that life coaching works.

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