One time in Italy a woman saw Picasso on the street. She ran over to Picasso and asked him if he would take a few moments to draw her something on the back of a napkin, Picasso reluctantly obliged. Picasso started to sketch a marvelous creation on the back of her napkin and after just a short 5 minutes Picasso handed her the napkin and said “ok ma’am that will be $30,000 dollars”. The woman replied “but Picasso that only took you just a few minutes to draw” and his reply was “No it has taken me my entire life.”

One of the most prolific and talented violinists to ever do it performed at a show in front of thousands in the audience. After the show a man who was in the audience walked up to the virtuoso violinist and said “Sir that was an amazing show i have never seen anyone play the violin like you did today, I’m so impressed.” The Violinist thanked the man for his kind words. The man then said “I would give my entire life to play the violin like you.” To which the Violinist replied, “I did.”

What are you willing to spend your life on to achieve? What are you willing to give your life for?

It’s said that in order to become a master at anything you must first put 10,000 hours of time into it – 10 thousand hours is roughly 2.7 hours per day for the next 10 years (if my math is correct.) This is a powerful theory because based on this fact any of us can became a master at anything. Let’s say that you are 60 years old and you had always wanted to play the piano but you never started and you think its too late now. Well if you were to play for just 2.7 hours per day for the next 10 years by the time you are 70 years old you will become so good at playing the piano you would now be able to call yourself a master and play the piano better than anyone you know!

So what are you willing to give your life for? You don’t have to die over it but what are you passionate about putting 10,000 hours into for the next 10 years to become a master at?

Be aware, time is slipping away…

Do you want to spend 10,000 hours scrolling through your phone watching people dance on Tik Tok? Do you want to spend 10,000 hours of your life becoming a master at watching Netflix? What do you spend 2.7 hours doing everyday because that’s what you are on track to become a master in.

Even if you just put in 1 hour per day in the next 20 years you could become a master painter, or a master pianist, or a master gardener, or a master at speaking Chinese or building, creating, writing poetry. Use your time wisely, you cant get it back.


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