Why are you here? You had a 1 in 400 trillion chance of being born… so why you?

We’re not here for a long time, were here for a good time. Since you’re here for a short time what’s the point of your life? Do you believe that your life has purpose or are you just randomly breathing air on Mother Earth in this tiny galaxy? We all have different beliefs and opinions on why were here in the first place. So where do we go after we take our last breath? Well depending on your spiritual or religious beliefs we all have a different idea of what happens after we die and you’re here reading my blog on my website so I’m going to give you my opinion on the point of life. Allow me please…

I have this hunch , this feeling in my gut that we are all part of this massive game ran by God. He is testing us. He is testing us to see if we can win and winning means that we are continually perpetuating the circle of life. As of right now global climate change, political warfare, capitalist greed, and racism is what’s holding us back from winning the game and in the future there might be even more problems that arise. Our ultimate test from God is to see how long we can last on Mother Earth because as of right now it seems as if human kind and the health of our planet are in a rapid decline. 

Regardless of your religious beliefs unless you are atheist you probably have some concept of what God means to you. I have a ton of admiration and respect for anyone of any faith because faith is what contributes to our moral compass and values as a person and the more faith you have in God usually the better of a person you become. It’s as if the stronger your relationship is with God the more hope you have in humanity as a whole and that is something that benefits all of us. So wether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or a religion I failed to mention I respect your beliefs and I’m genuinely happy for you.

But again since you are reading my blog post on my website I’m going to tell you my opinion on God and for all intensive purposes of this post I want to say that my idea of who and what God is has changed dramatically over time and what I believe today July 27, 2021 might change again in the future. So here it goes…

God is not a person, god is not a spirit, it’s bigger than that. God encompasses everyone and everything including animals and plants, wind and oceans. God is pure love, bliss, peace, and joy. God wants the universe to thrive. God wants countries to get along. God wants our planet to breathe deeply and live infinitely without worrying about carbon emissions, global warming, and plastic in the ocean. This game that God construed has finally reached the last level which is the introduction of the human species, the ultimate test. Thousands of years ago when humans started to recognize their own mind and strengthen, their consciousness is when we discovered love and hate. It’s when we started to communicate with written language and colonize our tribe. Humans started to preach religion and invent objects that would make life easier to sustain and more convenient. However, some of these inventions are slowly damaging our Earth. God is testing us to see if humans and animals, our oceans and forests can all live in harmony and we are failing miserably. 

So let me get back to the point.

Life is short. Your life is short. Life goes by in a blink of an eye and if you compare your 75-100 years on earth to the billions and billions of years that the whole universe and life has been around you realize that you are here for an even shorter amount of time than you originally thought. Because we are here for such a short amount of time I believe that its important to make the most out of our life. And that is the point, MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LIFE.

People like mother Theresa, Socrates, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King are remembered through history and are spoken about and written about in literature because their short life and what they did while they were here was extraordinary. They defied the odds and turned non believers into believers. They left a legacy and helped shape the world that you and I live in today by making a massive impact on the world and human evolution on a much deeper level. THEY MADE THE MOST OUT OF THEIR LIFE.

It’s clear why these people were born, so why were you born? And if these people weren’t born to break the rules and shape history than what were they born to do? And if you believe that they weren’t necessarily born to do anything then why did this happen?

Feel free to email me your thoughts on this blog post – I love to hear peoples opinion on topics like this one.Zacharyrance@gmail.com

In the meantime here are some questions to think about….

It is said that you had a 1 in 400 trillion chance of being born in the first place, so do you think that God chose you to be born over someone else or do you think that you were just randomly born? We’re you “you” before you were born, meaning were you conscious prior to infiltrating an egg in your mothers uterus or are you conscious the moment you leave her womb? Your heart was beating prior to being birthed on your day of birth so clearly you were conscious then.. so if you were conscious in the womb than were you conscious prior to being in the womb?

Billions and billions of years ago…

Is that a thing? Does billions of years ago even exist or was there a finite moment in time when “it” just started to exist? I’m not talking about life, I’m not even talking about the Earth… I’m just talking about “it”. The stars and gas in space – has it always been there? Like forever?

Before the Great Big Bang Theory was the universe just empty or were there extraterrestrial beings and aliens roaming outer space? If we knew that aliens existed would you live life differently?

Whats the point of life? Aren’t we all just here and then we die?

Why did all this happen in the first place? Was there another scenario where life didnt exist? Do we have an accurate depiction on history


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  1. Since I was young I was always fascinated by the unknown , spirits and I always remember talking to the moon at night. I don’t know why I’ve been doing this since I was young. I had no conscious about bigger things and the power of the mind and the universe. Now that I’m much older I m drawn to self healing books, conscious awareness and I have lived my life knowing that my purpose in this life is to help others. I feel I have met wonderful people along the way but yet there are not many that are “awake” I kinda feel like an OutKast until I came across your page and podcast. I love reading your blogs, I love listening to your podcast and reading the books you recommend. I have an 8 year daughter that is beyond spiritual and I can honestly say she’s an empath like myself. I grew up catholic ( not by choice) but now I have chosen to live religion free and just talk to God and the universe. I love reading your blogs and please share your thoughts on the afterlife. I’m sooooo drawn by this topic and would love to hear your thoughts.

    Keep sharing your gift and keep making your creator proud. 🙏🏻

    1. Thank you so much Raquel

  2. Julio Cesar Colares Avatar
    Julio Cesar Colares

    Hi Zach!

    I got really interested in this subject, I have anxiety, so it’s a whirlwind of ideas running through my head, and lately this subject is in my head almost every day before I sleep and it keeps me out of sleep, I wonder why am I here? Why did I come to this planet if at this moment I’m just existing? If it were a choice I would definitely not choose I came here and I find myself with no way out because it’s a game that has to go all the way, killing yourself is not an option because I believe that there is afterlife and I know it would only make the situation worse and forever.

    When I was around four years old, a miracle happened in my life, I believe a lot in God, I died to live again, I was in the black river here at Amazonas on flutuante (it’s a wooden house that floats on the river ) and I was watching the fish with my brother, I remember several things from that day even though I was young, and I went to look closer and ended up falling and going to the bottom of the river, everyone who was there jumped into the river to try to find me but enough time had passed for me to have drowned and died, my mother would already call the fire department for them to look for my body, meanwhile I remember seeing myself at the bottom of the river then I don´t remember anything else after that I opened my eyes and I was already holding the woods under the float, which would have been impossible as it was far from where I had fallen and I couldn’t swim and the place was high so someone would have had to put me there, anyway, it was every thing without explanation that occurred that day… Since then I have always wondered, if He gave me a second chance then I must have a purpose and I spend my whole life trying to find that purpose, it all ends up making me have an existential crisis.

    Coming back to the subject, I also believe that we are being tested by God and that we should respect each other, but each day it seems that humanity is regressing when it comes to respect.

    I’m doing my best every day to be a better person and make a difference on earth, I try to help the people around me so they can also reach their goals, the 1% tip you always tell us helps me a lot on a daily basis because when something doesn’t go well in the day, I do at least 1% and it ends up motivating me to do 99% more.

    Anyway, everything here is very complex and makes us reflect a lot, there are many unanswered questions, we have to be strong enough to deal with the ups and downs of life and ask for God’s guidance to help us find a path that leads us for the best in life.

    I love reading your blogs, keep writing for us.

    Love from Brazil.

    1. Thank you Julio, amazing story. It sounds like you were given a second chance! Keep in mind anxiety stems from thinking about the future, about things that may or may not even happen. All we really have is right now. Recognize those thoughts that cause you anxiety but don’t dwell on them. They are only thoughts. Keep working on being a better person each day like you have been doing, think positive, have hope, and if you haven’t tried meditating, I would suggest looking into it and giving it a try. Start small, just a few minutes a day. I have a few podcasts on meditation that may help you. Thank you for reading and all the best!

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