I’ve been working with Zach for just under 5 months and my results have been more than I could’ve ever dreamed of! 

Every aspect of my health has improved greatly which is amazing considering the serious health conditions I have. 

I have lost a total of 47 pounds!!! I quit smoking after being a smoker for 16 years! 

The amount of insulin I have to take daily has decreased by 45%, and my antidepressant and anxiety medications have been cut in half! 

I would’ve never been able to achieve all of this without all the help and encouragement from Zach. 

Learning how to be consistent, being held accountable, daily meditation, and sticking with the weekly plans we make have changed my health and my life drastically! 

I’m thankful every single day that I took the chance on life coaching with Zach.  Working with him has been amazing for my health and the results have been life-changing!

Thank you!