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We’ve been doing the podcast now for almost two years, since about August/September 2020, and have produced over 200 episodes. I’m super grateful that I took the opportunity and that I took the risk of starting a podcast because the results and outcome from this podcast have already vastly exceeded expectations. I just wanna say that and also say thank you to all the listeners that are listening, you guys are making this possible and I really do appreciate your attention and your support because, without it, I wouldn’t be doing this. If I didn’t have hundreds of people listening per episode, I wouldn’t be continuing to put out this podcast. So again thank you very much.

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RAAMON NEWMAN: How to enhance your consciousness, awareness and life Life Coach Zach

Raamon Newman is my guest today, he is the Co-founder / CEO of New Mavericks, a global leadership development consultancy based in Los Angeles, California. Over the last two decades, he’s worked with top CEOs and executives globally helping them have a greater capacity to lead while protecting themselves, their team, and their achievement and progress from excessive stress, negativity, and incoherence. Enjoyed speaking with Raamon about optimizing our mindset, consciousness, awareness and mental health. For more on Raamon, check out the New Mavericks website: His book: The Science of Protection: Making High Pressure Impactful Leadership Decisions That Protects & Enhances You & Everyone is available on Amazon: And you can find him on Instagram: @raamonnewman If you are looking to TAKE ACTION in your life and want to work with me to optimize your life, check out my website and get in touch. Zach Rance, Certified Life Coach | Certified Nutritionist  Questions, Comments, or Business Inquiries Visit:​  or Instagram: @ZachRancey — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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