Group Coaching Cohorts starting Summer 2022!


Many people prefer single, one-on-one coaching sessions dedicated entirely to themselves and this type of coaching is very impactful. However, a group atmosphere offers a different dynamic that’s also very motivating, exposes you to new people, and the opportunity to challenge your own POV. This is why I am now offering Group Coaching as an added layer to the other options I have available. Simply put, Some people feel more comfortable and work better in a group setting. 

If Group Coaching is something you think is more in line with your personality and sharing your experiences and ideas with the group is something you are open to, then join us!

I’ll be holding Group Coaching Cohorts starting in the summer of 2022! Each cohort (3 group sessions included) costs $600 paid in full before the first session.

Please direct any questions to  OR subscribe to my somewhat weekly newsletter to know when the next cohort is opening up for enrollment.

Hope to see you there!

3 Coaching Cohorts