In a far and distant memory as children we once had zero responsibilities. All we had to do was get out of bed for school and eat our vegetables at the dinner table. Those were mainly the only activities that we did not like doing. All we focused on was fun and play – life was good and we had no idea how good we had it. These days as adults we have responsibilities including bills to pay, our health to worry about, dependents to take care of, and stressful situations that create anxiety. On top of all that there is a global pandemic and prices of gas and food continuing to rise (this is not fun). With all of this bullshit going on how can we cope? Well my suggestion is getting back to our childlike roots. Let me explain. Do you remember running around in the grass with your friends as a child or climbing a tree, completely carefree?

Even though childhood may be a distant memory, those joyful memories and feelings that go along with that don’t have to be distant, you can live them right now.

It may feel like your daily monotonous job and responsibilities are not fun or enjoyable but is it possible to make these tedious and sometimes redundant tasks fun? Ian Bogust an author and professor that studies fun for a living seems to think that fun can be created. In the most boring tasks that you have to do on a daily or weekly basis it is definitely possible to create fun.

Have you ever heard the saying “lets have fun with this”? I’m sure you have and usually this saying is preceded by an activity that clearly isn’t recognized as fun. I encourage you to start telling yourself “lets have fun with this” before trying or doing any of your tasks or responsibilities. Do you ever wish that your job was fun? Make it that way. Fun doesn’t necessarily have to be something you can enjoy it just has to be something that holds your attention. For example, I have been trying my best over the last 2 years to publish a book with little traction. It seems as though every time I get to around 10,000 words into a book of mine I scrap it. Why? Well, because I can’t commit to what type of book I want to write and every month I have “an even better idea” for a book I want to write. I am suffering from perfectionism and although I am not a perfectionist my journey to becoming a published author continues to show very little results. Why does this matter or why is this important and relevant? Well, before every scheduled time I have in my calendar to write I am going to start asking myself “how can I have fun with this” and before every single coaching session or property search for a real estate client I am going to tell myself “let’s have fun with this.” I have a strong belief and conviction that if I ask myself before writing “how can I have fun with this” it will provide me with a lot more focus to get the task at hand done. 

I’ll keep you guys in the loop regarding my progress and thanks for reading!

Give it a try! If you start to implement this into your life send me an email at or shoot me a message on Instagram @zachrancey and we can chat about it!


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